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    I’m trying to work out which may have come first. I have spent the last year thinking my symptoms were a sign of the peri-menopause, it all fits perfectly. i have not had any thrush or cystitis as I had before so I had discounted candida. I have been reading up again on candida and I not sure whether candida causes hormonal upsets or that it could be the hormonal changes that has triggered the candida – any ideas?


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    Hi, Helen! This is a HUGE debate 🙂 Thyroid (or other hormonal) issues and candida definitely seem to be directly linked, but you’re going to get differing theories on exactly *how* they affect one other and which is the primary culprit depending on who you read or talk with. Blood sugar is thrown into the mix, too.

    Our bodies really do work holistically and an imbalance in one area is bound to throw things off in another. I think this is partly why some people have such quick responses to an ACD and others take a terribly long time to get thorough results – it depends on how many body systems were affected and to what extent.

    I’m just now learning about my adrenal glands, and how adrenal fatigue might be contributing to my symptoms. (By the way, adrenal fatigue can lead to thyroid imbalance). I had obvious candida issues at the outset – thrush, skin rashes, mild vaginal yeast – so I started out learning about candida first. From there I’ve gone on to hypoglycemia and now I’m just starting to learn more about the hormonal implications.


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    It’s confusing. The more I learn the more I wonder when things started, and what prompted what. I also wonder if all the different symptoms could help in figuring it out. For instance, I never had an issue with thrush. I do know, I wasn’t feeling better on the diet until I started taking herbs for adrenals and thyroid.

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