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    any fellow suffers got any good tips for this lovely combination of conditions ?


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    Wow, quite a combination. I’d be interested in knowing if your doctor or doctors diagnosed both Candida and Gilbert’s Syndrome, especially since a lot of the symptoms are so similar.

    You probably already know just about everything there is to know about Gilbert’s Syndrome by now, but if you don’t mind, I’ll explain what I know about it for the benefit of anyone who may be reading the posts unaware of exactly what the condition is.

    The majority of scientists who have researched Gilbert’s Syndrome claim that it’s an inherited condition. What it amounts to is the inability of the body to detoxify bilirubin; bilirubin being a toxin produced by the breakdown of red blood cells.
    The reason this happens is because only about 30% of the enzyme that detoxifies bilirubin is produced when Gilbert’s Syndrome is present. The shortage leads to an excess of bilirubin as well as other toxins in the blood leading to various symptoms, many very similar to Candida symptoms.

    I can’t help but believe that the supplement Molybdenum, an essential trace element found naturally in the human body, would make the condition more easily tolerated simply because it’s the best detox supplement of body toxins that I know of.
    In addition, I’m sure that any nutrient which would produce activation of the missing enzyme would be of benefit. A few of the foods that are inducers of detoxification enzymes are broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. I would eat at least one of these every day.

    Certain nutrient deficiencies have been linked to Gilbert’s Syndrome. So I would want to obtain sufficient amounts of those. They are: Vitamin B2, B5, folic acid, B12, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and Molybdenum.

    The fact that there are four different B vitamins that are especially needed for a treatment would lead me to believe that a high quality and count of probiotics, Greek yogurt, and kefir would be beneficial. Of course this would also benefit the Candida treatment as well.

    It makes sense to me that the strict Candida diet would also be of benefit.
    Plus, a high protein diet is beneficial to the treatment, so since you have Candida as well, I would suggest eating an abundance of organic eggs in order to cut down or out the intake of red meat. The thought of red meat reminds me that, of course, you want to cut out any foods which would cause additional toxins in the body.


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