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    A new member here, just started the strict diet but I have some questions regarding calorie intake and the amount of protein and fat that is acceptable to ingest. Since the diet basically requires me to forgo any carbohydrates that are not in the form of vegetables listed in the foods to eat section, I have to increase my intake of protein and fat in order to pursue my fitness goal. Which is to gain muscle, and I hope to do this by what the bodybuilding community call a “Clean Bulk”.

    Using this website – , it gave me a calculation of 3688 kcal a day to Clean Bulk.
    So I am eating this everyday to achieve that calorie intake –

    Breakfast – 6 Eggs + 100g Almonds
    Snack – 100g Mixed Nuts ( Brazil Nuts, Almonds , Pecans and Walnuts)
    Lunch – Fried Chicken Breast with thyme and lemon
    Snack – 3 Fried Eggs
    Dinner – Ground Beef 250g with Onions + 6 Eggs
    Snack – 100 Mixed Nuts

    9g Carbs | 312g Protein | 289g Fat

    Is this diet acceptable for helping me be rid of Candida ? In Conjunction with this I am also using a 10 Billion Probiotic supplement, Oregano Oil, Grapeseed Fruit Extract, Caprylic Acid , Milk Thistle and Molybdenum.

    Please Advice me on how to go forward, any responses would be much appreciated.


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    Why are you avoiding carbs?  I don’t understand why people avoid it because you need them to be healthy and functional.  If you are thinking they feed the yeast then its not the most logical idea because everything in your diet feeds yeast, strict or not.  Its all about feeding the yeast less than a regular western diet and a tiny amount of natural sugar or carbs isn’t going to bring a setback.  The beef and high consumption of eggs is going to bring more detriment than consuming carbs.  The beef causes constipation and takes 2 days to digest, and if you produce a lot of gas, then its going to be a detriment to your health and benefit the yeast.  The eggs protect the yeast making it harder to destroy.

    You are also taking 3 antifungals and this is too much imo.  Take just one at a time in low doses starting out and slowly increase over time.  After about 6-12 weeks rotate to a different one if you want, but stick to these 3 antifungals mostly or a few more at the most throughout your treatment.

    I would look at teff as a good source of protein and weight gain.  It is highly nutritional and contains over 200 kinds of bacteria and will help replenish your beneficial bacteria.  You can make things like injera bread (ethiopian burrito bread) or a gluten free teff bread that is rather filling.

    Also I would consider eating beans if you are going to do a diet like this and should help you gain weight and won’t benefit the yeast that much.  Or try out a diet like you mentioned above for like 2 weeks and then get less strict.

    I would also consider getting a smoothie machine like the nutri-bullet and consume your veggies this way.  Make one with kale, carrots, celery, strawberries, nuts, seeds, chard, etc.  Eat one of these with every meal and it should be enough to replace some of the eggs.  Heck get hemp protein powder and add it to it or flax seed (whole).  I’d aim for a more balanced diet if possible.

    Check out L-Glutamine for weight gaining also and get a higher count probiotic or human derived probiotic such as HMF neuro.  Also anti-inflammatory supplements should in general bring digestive benefits which will allow you to absorb more food thus further weight gain.  If you address the inflammation, this should bring great benefit.  The beef and eggs will cause inflammation so its not the best idea.



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    Thank you Raster for the informative reply. I have taken your advice and reduced my consumption of eggs and removed the minced beef from my diet. However I am currently low on cash and cannot purchase a blender of the sort you suggested or the higher CFU probiotics, so instead I have included a variety of vegetables into my diet.
    Here is my revised version.

    Breakfast – 3 Eggs + 420g Beans
    Snack – Almonds + Celery
    Lunch – 200g Chicken + 100g Mixed nuts (thyme, Bell Pepper,Onion, Spring Onion)
    Snack – Spinach with Bean sprouts
    Dinner – 200g Chicken (thyme, Bell Pepper, Onion,Spring Onion) + 3 eggs
    Snack – 100g Mixed Nuts

    120g Carbs | 250g Protein | 206g Fat |

    This is the quantity of vegetables that I plan to be consuming Daily.
    Vegetables –
    100g – Spring onion
    2 Medium – Bell Peppers
    225g – Celery
    1 Medium – Brown Onion
    100g – Spinach
    200g – Bean Sprouts

    I just did a quick google search on teff and this website came up
    Just Control + F and search teff and it will take you this section that says perhaps Amaranth would be a safer choice if I may have a leaky gut that I am unaware of, Please advice I am very ignorant in this regard.

    Thank you again Raster, I appreciate the time you took to reply to my concerns.


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    I think she is referring to raw (non-flour) teff which is a small grain.  When its grounded up and turned into a flour for baking things like bread, it shouldn’t have any problems and is pretty equal to most of the other baking flours in terms of absorption I think.  The raw grain is pinhead sized or smaller.  You could also try amaranth, coconut flour, almond meal, sorghum, brown rice, etc.  for baking.  Chia seeds are also something to look into and are quite nutritious.   Take those 3 eggs per day and put it towards a bread that you can munch on throughout the day if you want.  I can share some good recipes if you want, when you cook with gluten free ingredients, the recipes can typically be quite forgiving.

    If you consumed a lot of coconut oil it would both kill the yeast and help you gain weight so something else to consider.  Those cookies are a perfect use of itand the flax is pretty healthy too.

    You could make a treat with chia seeds and some fruit, etc.  Theres tons of ways to get creative with the diet and find tasty stuff.  I am going to get a post together with good recipes sometime in the future.


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