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    i am violently allergic to eggs, nuts (every and all kinds) and sesame. i also have a candida yeast infection. i’m completely addicted to chocolate, coffee and bread. i have managed to cut out all sugars (boy i miss fruit). i have limited my alcohol consumption to 3 drinks a week. i have limited my coffee intake to 1 16oz cup a day (splash of skim milk, no sugar) then on to herbal tea (is green tea ok or to much caffeine?). i try to limit the amount of chocolate to 1 cadbury’s dairy milk bar a week (so i guess i haven’t completely cut sugar out). i am a meat and potato and bread for dinner girl. i will be starting the strict diet of raw or steamed veggies immediately but my big concern is protein. i work in a very fast paced restaurant 4 days a week, 18 hours a day. this is not conducive to sit down meals. what should i eat for breakfast since bacon, sausage and hash browns are out? is there a protein supplement that isn’t egg or nut based that you recommend? what about “snacks”? some days i feel like i should just live in a bubble!
    thanks for the time and any help you can give!!


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.
    I usually go with my first thought after reading a new member’s post. In your case there was an immediate response, that being; you’ll never cure your Candida albicans infestation as long as you continue to drink alcohol, coffee and the milk you have with the coffee every day as well as the Cadbury’s milk bar once a week. Put all of these together, and I can safely say that so far you’ve not really started your treatment yet. I know you can’t remove the coffee all at one time, but you can start by lowering the number of ounces every three days by one half to one ounce. Measuring is important.
    Green tea contains caffeine. Instead of drinking green tea, purchase Organic Nettle Leaf Tea. For info read the following website.

    Since you can’t eat eggs for protein, eating organic chicken is your second best choice for a good protein source. Another good protein source is kefir and organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt.

    Please describe your symptoms and tell us how long you’ve had the infestation.



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    Hello Abbey,

    I once felt this way and lived this lifestyle (not too long ago). All I can say is that your current lifestyle and diet is not healthy and you gotta try the candida diet. Try lowering your coffee intake to one 12oz coffee per day, and then down to 6-8oz of coffee per day. Then switch to tea completely. After you do this for a long period of time; when you have coffee again it’ll really seem strong. You won’t need very much at this point and you’ll be able to see the damage it causes to your body (same with alcohol).

    During the die-off period, you will be very tired, slow, and will feel pretty bad. It’ll last a few weeks to a month. After that time, you will slowly get your energy back and come back stronger than before.

    Alcohol is the worst thing for candida, so plan on cutting this indefinitely.

    The reason you are addicted to bread, sugar, and alcohol is that the candida is causing you to crave this so it can be fed.

    For protein you can have chicken, turkey, and most other meats as long as long as they are not beef and pork. For bread, there are alternative breads you can make at home. There is no replacement for potatoes, so you will just have to tough it out.

    Snacks: greek yogurt, pumpkin muffin bread are some examples. Buckwheat is another food item you may choose to eat a ton of. Hope this helps.

    Nuts are in general not allowed during phase 1 of the diet anyways, so don’t worry because most of us are not having them.

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