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    Feel free to move this to the research section.

    A month ago I again came across this page: i’ve been there before and thought to myself “thats not what I am sick with” and forgot all about it. It later came to me that the guy behind the sites name is Heiko Santelmann, a MD and researcher who put together the research of “effectiveness of nystatin in polysymptomatic patients” and “Elevation of Candida IgG antibodies in patients with medically unexplained symptoms” in the same kind of patients.

    Sadly, only little to no real information on his page is in English. The Norwegian page tells about allergy towards candida, other yeasts and molds. The treatment is like our treatment, thus its the same thing, diet, probiotics of human origin and medical grade antifungals like nystatin and diflucan.

    Point being, to “bore” the “wrong” antibodies (allergy) that are produced by the immune response and there by make a reset of the response.

    Overall, it’s just very important not to digest or in any way be exposed to mold, yeast etc.

    Dr. C. Orian Truss gave vaccine shots (with c. albicans for instance) back in the days to reset the immune response toward candida species.

    As far as I can remember, Able (user on this site for new ppl) got this candida infection due to working where he was exposed to a mold in high amounts. (feel free to correct me here Able). This could lead to a wrong immuneresponse towards mold, yeasts and especially the most aggressive of them all, candida yeasts.
    I’m not saying that an actual overgrowth of yeast is not happening, I’m just pointing out it’s not the main reason for this syndrome. It’s more like the allergy letting an overgrowth to happen due to the wrong response toward antigens of yeasts and mold.

    Anyone know this? Anyone read Dr. orian Truss’s book and the above listed research?

    On a side note: I don’t quite understand C. orian Truss on about some people have a to low response toward candida due to genetics, and a treatment may be to give vaccines? Anyone read this part?

    EDIT: Also, i see a lot of the candida sufferes having a stressfull life before they got the full blown CRC/FRD. There is a good link between stress and developing allergies (quote from H. Santelmanns page). This is not to be confused with the depression and anxiety when suffering of CRC/FRD.


    Topics: 65
    Replies: 183

    Sorry for my bad english, im dyslectic, and have a hard time correcting all the misspellings and on top of that correcting the sentences to sound right.


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    Hello klips,

    Well one the things that can occur is that you may be allergic to candida and this could potentially make your recovery longer. There is a way to reduce allergies to candida, and it involves taking allergy shots that have candida albicans in the shots. All you would have to do is get some allergy testing and find a place that can do the shots.

    Able did not have anything to do with mold but I did…I never did do the shots but I am slightly interested.


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