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    This is a very interesting article showing a ” new ” finding about the morphogenesis of Candida Albicans. As I have said several times, science is still learning the real mechanisms that allow candida to switch from seed to mycelia (pathogen)

    There are several research papers mentioning the influence of the Ph, temperature, genes, and other factors that allow the fungal formation. This article is a revolution about this topic because it loos like they have found the most influential cause.

    How does it may benefit our treatment ?? I still don’t know but is good to know the Ph condition isn’t the real culprit.
    It could explain why some people with normal flora develop candidiasis, and why some people recover the flora but candida still don’t go away.



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    Man, I hope they can come up with some kind of drug that will kill off and heal your body from this sucker…I bet we will see developments in this area (if the medical industry wants to cure people) in the next decade.

    If the medical community doesn’t want to heal us, then there will never be developments.


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