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    Hey everyone! First post here. I’m 22 and I have suffered from cystic acne for as long as I can remember. I tried every medication you can name on the market, and none has persisted in combating it in full for me. Even accutane. Twice. It just doesn’t work. I became hopeless, curious as to why even ACCUTANE, the miracle acne treatment, was failing for me.

    It took lots of researching from myself and the help of other family members, before my Mother came across Candida overgrowth. Now, at this time, my diet wasn’t very good. I don’t drink soda at all, however, I wasn’t eating the best foods and making the right choices as far as food groups go. The acne persisted. Flash forward a year or two after discovering this potential “overgrowth”. My diet has changed drastically, as far as eating cleaner and healthier goes. I rarely consume red meats, and primarily stick to chicken and turkey. I do have pork in the mornings (bacon) with my breakfast. Please for the love of all that is holy, and bacon, don’t tell me I shouldn’t be consuming bacon…
    Moving on. I maintain a proper dose of vegetables on a daily basis in my diet as well. I also have a double shot of apple cider vinegar tossed into a class of water with just about every large portioned meal I eat. I also use a 50/50 ACV/water diluted mixture as a toner for my face. It seems to be balancing the pH levels in my skin. Long story short. My dietary changes and ACV is helping greatly in combating my acne. However, it’s still not enough.

    I came across this website and was intrigued by the suggested regimen on how to combat this overgrowth with what foods to eat and not to eat. I’m doing just about everything right so far, except I will no longer consume my oats in the morning with fruit in it, on top of using Olive Oil to cook with. I am very sad about not consuming oats due to that being one of my main sources for carb intake. Along with potatoes and sweet potatoes (god I love sweet potatoes). I have also made the switch over to coconut oil, which, I prefer the taste anyways and it just feels “cleaner” consuming that over olive oil.
    I recently just started back up on taking 50mg of Zinc per day, along with a pro biotic supplement. I also consume pro biotic greek yogurt in the mornings with my meals/smoothies and throughout the day. I snack on almonds throughout the day as well, in between meals. My water intake is above par, I love water almost too much.

    As far as symptoms go, I truthfully don’t believe I have it nearly as bad as some of the people here do. Simply because since I made big dietary changes over the last year and a half of my life, I have noticed my decrease in energy, headaches, slow-thought processed mind, and all of the other things that follow in those footsteps, not frequent my daily life as often. I believe the majority of my decrease in energy came from habitually smoking marijuana all day and night, every day, and never giving my head a chance to understand sobriety and revitalize itself. Now, marijuana is an excellent herb and I don’t ridicule it in anyway. It can be abused, however, but it’s by no means what people are lead to believe it is. That’s an entire other topic though, and would prefer to not get into that one. So, if you have negative comments and even positives, keep them to yourself to refrain from a full-scale debate happening in my thread. Thank you.

    Now, my real questions are this:

    • How long must one follow this dietary protocol to rid of candida overgrowth?
      How will I know I’m expelling this from my body?
    • As an acne sufferer, seemingly all expelling of toxins from my body excrete through my face, will the flushing of candida cause my acne to become worse before it gets better, and is that an indication of a proper flushing?
    • Also, a very important question, how long must I retain from consuming certain food groups that is recommended to stray away from whilst on the candida diet? Am I BANISHED from these foods forever? Can I no longer enjoy a cinnamon roll or a pizza that isn’t gluten free?

    I worry I won’t be able to consume these foods for quite a while. While I prioritize solving my persistent acne issue, there’s got to be a way to consume foods that everyone else is capable of consuming without reigniting this overgrowth. I miss chocolate chip cookies. I miss pizza (non gluten free). I miss a lot of things, and I’ve barely just begun. Well, I have been on a diet away from a lot of unnatural sugars for quite some time, but I’m referring to specifically the candida diet recommended foods to stay away from.

    Is there light at the end of this disgusting, fungal tunnel? Please shed hope upon me!


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    hey Cwerck,

    yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel w/ regards to clearing your acne. but it’s probably not what you’d like to hear. I think the true cause of acne is not the candida per se, but inflammation. I went on an extensive candida clearing journey a few years ago. read everything, tried everything.. candida went away.. stool test confirmed this. however, the acne didn’t. but, if I avoid certain foods my skin is 100% clear. my suggestion would be to do an elimination diet. start with a few foods you know are safe.. for me that would be white rice, lamb, avocado, veggies, coconut oil. get your face to 100% clearness – then, add in one food per day and 72-hours later, try a 2nd food. if you don’t break out, you’ll know it wasn’t that food. you’ll have to do single ingredient foods, no almond milk for ex., that has thickeners/gums/vanilla. I would be bothered by all 3 of those. then, over the rest of your life, do things to reduce gut inflammation. Avoid foods that contain antibiotics (milk, non grass-fed beef). Avoid GMO’s. Perhaps over time the bacteria in your gut, which, due to quorum sensing signals, etc., have become programmed for higher inflammation, will calm down. This last part hasn’t yet worked for me but w/ all the antibiotics I took and crap I ate most of my life, I’m sure this will take a while. also, digestive enzymes don’t work to keep away acne (although might be a good idea if you think you have poor digestion). only strict avoidance of those foods. check out Joseph Cohen’s blog and the lectin avoidance diet. a lot of these foods seem to bother me.. beans, grains, soy, legumes, nightshades, etc. Good luck! I’m better with fruit, veggies, meat (I eat a lot of red meat). but not eggs 🙁 it could also be that I haven’t sealed my leaky gut yet, or bad bacteria are still in there. it really sucks! but.. my diet is stellar and I feel better than I used to.


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