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    I just made an account and i have the standard question.

    Do i have candida overgrowth?

    I never knew it existed and i wouldn’t, but googling every time i had some problem, it sometimes came up. Im not sure if i have it, i havent had a test yet and i cant at the moment, no place to take them where i am.

    -I have a bad case of seb dermatitis, or i think its that. I have all the symptoms of seb dermatitis. For years. Flaky scalp, redness, goes down to the eyebrows and forehead when i get super anxious n stuff. I got shampoo for it, it gets better but not clear.
    -I have a weird painful rash/bump that occurs around my period , between my leg and “lip”, been to the gynecologist, said it was just a rash and it will go away.
    -recently i developed toenail fungus. This is where i began searching, cause up till now i just bumped in to candid overgrowth, thinking its almost a trend and i might be rushing to conclusions.

    I began reading about the symptoms and i see i had alot during the years. I have a back problem which doctors cant explain to me well, all they can say is that my muscles twitch/contract often and are tense, due to probably a bad posture. I had frequent urinal tract infections with high fever. I get eye infections (pink eye) (i do wear contact lens though and wear them all day). I always remember myself being itchy to the point of despair some nights. I always seem to have a clogged nose (never had allergy tests though, but the symptoms arent that bad). I remembered when i was a teen, i saw worms in my stool. Doctor gave me a VERY strong laxative and since then i had/have issues with constipation. I dont know if the worms were the beginning of it all or just a sign. SO, i have been on antibiotics quite alot as a teen/young adult, which is why i started avoiding them when i got older. I am 34 now. Also, i have tried to lose weight and the scale just doesnt budge. It did only when i started an exhausting job of 10 hours waitressing daily. (this may not be a symptom, maybe just too eager to loose weight )
    Also, latelyi have small zits? all over my face (have to add that i work all day in the sun and sweat alot, so maybe cause of that)
    Last note. A week ago i started Lamisil (terbinafine) for my toe nail fungus. Few days later, my eyes started getting all mucus-y, waking up with “crust” around them in the morning. Wihich made me finally look up a candida forum and post .

    So as you can see throughout the years i have had some symptoms, but i dont know if they add up. I will test for candida once i get back home, but till then, what do you think?

    Thanks for reading this far!


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    The most common symptoms for diagnosis imo are oral thrush and rectal itching. If you have either of these it means you have yeast problem imo.

    We are not going to diagnose you here but there are candida immune complex tests you can take that will diagnose you with candida related complex.

    There are a variety of ways to get better here:


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