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    hi, what is the maximum number of Candex capsules that one can safely consume each day?
    i see the label states 4 capsules, 2 in morning and 2 in the evening, but was wondering if there was any harm and adding in another 2 capsules during mid-day.
    i’ve been doing this the past few days to speed up the healing and don’t seem to have any adverse effects aside from low energy which i think is related to the yeast dying.
    is there any negative side effect of consuming 6 capsules per day? i weigh around 135lbs.
    if there is a limit and only 4 can be consumed each day, would it be okay to take 1 in the morning, 1 afternoon, and 2 in the evening?

    thank you!


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    I’d stick to what the bottle says on the label. I don’t personally think taking a larger dose will mean healing faster.


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