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    Hi Everyone.

    long post. sorry.

    Hmmm, not sure where to start. How about around 2008? That’s when I first started paying attention to my tongue which had a white coating. Sometimes it would be thick, and then at other time it would go away for a few days (like after drinking a bottle or two of red wine on the weekends). After doing a little research, It looked like it was Candida and I tried a couple home remedies like oil pulling. After a couple years, 2010, I went to the doctor and was prescribed anti-fungals which didn’t work. I also started developing a persistent cough. I finally went to see an ENT doc and was told it was Geographic Tongue. Whatever. I knew something was wrong. The underside of my tongue was a deep purple and into 2011 I started getting sick with flu like symptoms.

    How did I get Candida? Like many others, I had taken some heavy doses of anti-biotics. In my case for some fairly risky behavior (ok, unprotected sex with some gals that were not very clean as it turns out). Not only that, I drank pretty heavily and was under a bunch of stress. In 2005, I also got a really bad case of Scabies that was misdiagnosed as eczema for which I took prednisone in tablet and shot form. That went on for maybe 6 months until I found a doc that would do a biopsy and found the little critters that had burrowed into my skin. The cure for that was 2 courses of the heavy duty stuff – Lindane and then some follow on treatment with something more mild (forgot the name)

    Skip back to that part in 2011 where I was getting sick. I went skiing in December 2011 and on the first day, I got really sick and my tonsil blew up which had never happened before. From the ski trip, I had to travel overseas for work. Although my flu symptoms subsided, I still had the swollen tonsil. After a couple trips to an overseas doc, I finally got a biopsy. The results came back after I had returned home. The news was not good, but there was a silver lining. I had cancer in my tonsil (PET scan later showed in my left and right lymph nodes as well) but stage II. Furthermore, it was HPV related and that has been shown to be highly responsive to treatment. I started treatment in March 2012. 3 rounds of chemo with 40 rounds of radiation which I finished in May 2012. Wasn’t fun.

    So once I got diagnosed with cancer, I decided right then to make a diet change for a couple reasons. One, cancer likes sugar and two, I had also been pre-diabetic with my blood sugar values. But.. to be honest, I thought that when I was finished with treatment that I was going to woof down some pizza and delicious steaks. May and June were still pretty bad months but in June, I made the decision to take out my feeding tube early to force myself to take in nutrition orally. Hurt like hell and I was still pretty nauseous. At this point, I still hadn’t “woken up” to my new reality, but it was close.

    Mid-June, I started developing a numbness in the entire upper part of my torso. It was a burning numbness though. I don’t trust chiropractors, but massage and acupunture didn’t help, so at my wits end, I went to my current chiropractor who takes a holistic approach to healing the body. First order of business was taking care of the numbness which he worked out. He also got me back into the gym and got me juicing. I started responding quickly and really started feeling better. I also had a wake-up call during this time when I realized that my saliva glands were no longer producing enough saliva for me to eat those things that I used to love. I needed nutrition though and lots of the right kind of calories so I came up with my own drink that’s worth about 1200-1300 calories per “serving” (about 40 ounces).

    So fast forward to September. I had been in the gym 3 times a week, continuing to juice every day and continuing to refine my daily drink. I had heard that coconut oil was good for stimulating the thyroid so I added 4 tablespoons per day (2 in the morning drink, 2 in the night drink). Now.. I don’t know if there is a correlation, but in July I checked my Thyroid and it was at the low end (1.4) and in January I checked it again and it was 3.14, right in the middle of the normal range. I’m checking it again this June. coconut oil also has anti-fungal properties so that was in the back of my mind as well in September when I started taking it.

    Also in September, I noticed a rash breaking out around where my feeding tube scar was. Actually, it had always itched a little, but by September, the rash broke out and started spreading. Went and saw the doc and he prescribed Athlete’s Foot anti-fungal cream. That cleared it up for a bit, but it came back and spread to a different area a couple months later. So I stared up with the anti-fungal cream…worried that this was going to be a serious problem. All the while…. my diet had stayed consistent. Every single day, A nutrition drink in the morning and early evening, then juicing at night. By December, the Candida outbreak was gone and I noticed my tongue started looking more normal.

    As of right now, my tongue is a nice pink color all over and no hint of Candida. Furthermore, I had some fungal areas on my toenails and all that has turned to a white powder.

    It’s a lifestyle change. In a way, I was lucky. I was forced to make a change. Actually, that’s not totally true. I could choose to drink soda’s, eat candy, cake, ice cream etc. Here is the thing. Once you break the cycle and get off the carbohydrates, your body…you brain, doesn’t crave them anymore. I used to LOVE bread, cake, cookies.. mmmm. warmm bread right out of the oven with some butter. But now? I just look at it and go “Meh”.

    So the last time I check, my fasting blood sugar was down to 92. I’m hoping it is below 90 now. My HDL/LDL look great. But here is the important one.. my triglycerides are down to 42. That’s not a typo. 42.

    If you have never read any of the Zone books by Dr. Barry Sears, do yourself a favor and read “The Anti-Inflammation Zone: Reversing the Silent Epidemic That’s Destroying Our Health” By Dr. Sears. Follow that book, and I bet the Candida will take care of itself. In the book, he mentions High Quality fish oil. I use Nordic Naturals fish oil liquid and mix it with my juice. It has only a lemony taste. NO fishy taste or smell at all.

    I’ve take a different “diet” approach only because of my current limitations, plus I’m kind of in test mode, so any slight change I make, I can see in my blood test results because I do the same thing every day.

    Here is what my nutrition drinks consist of:

    1/2 container of Nutren 2.0 (4oz). This stuff is 500 calories per 8 oz and is really meant to be consumed through a feeding tube. But. It’s loaded with all the right vitamins and minerals, protein, and medium chain triglycerides which are great for energy burning.

    1 bottle of GNC total lean chocolate shake Again. Loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals. Very low sugar (2g)

    1 egg or comparable amount of egg whites. I’ve been alternating. The eggs I get are the organic kind with Omega 3

    8 ounces Almond Breeze Chocolate Unsweetened ––Unsweetened_p_39.html 0 sugars, nice chocolate taste, good source of calcium, Vitamin E

    1/2 Avocado – Great nutritional benefits, adds 0 taste, but thickens the drink nicely.

    Tablespoon of some kind of natural peanute/almond butter. I know this goes against some Candida diets, but I’ve been going after calories and my results have obviously been good. Can always leave this out if you want.

    2 tablespoons of Organic Cold Pressed coconut oil

    1 tablespoon Olive Oil. Not the cheap stuff. The real stuff from Italy with the peppery aftertaste. I get mine at whole foods. It’s not cheap, but then none of it is going to waste 🙂

    1 tablespoon Udo’s Omega 3-6-9 oil.

    1 scoop Vega One Nutritional Shake – Oh man… this stuff is all kinds of good for you.

    At night I juice the following:

    4 to 6 leaves of kale
    Handful of spinach
    4 stalks of celery
    4 carrots (yup carrots. Low glycemic load)
    1 cucumber
    1 Granny Smith apple
    1 tomato

    1 tablespoon of Nordic Natural fish oil

    For lunch, I’m rarely hungry, but I’ll eat some Mushroom barley soup or bean and kale soup I get from Whole Foods.

    I’ll have a cup of coffee maybe once every 2 weeks and some kind of alcoholic drink occasionally to be social.

    I get 8 hours of very restful sleep every night and every morning I have a very easy and consistent bowel movement (I had NEVER been that way before). I’m slowly getting my weight back..still. Before all this, I was about 192. At my worst during treatmen, I got down to 165. I’m at 184 now.

    My energy level is level throughout the day. NO spikes or dips. I’m never tired in the afternoons or any part of the day for that matter and I’m clear headed throughout the day.

    I’ve never, in all of my life felt this good so it’s pretty easy to not want any of the “bad things” that taste so good. Like most things.. a few moments of bliss may cost you in the long run 🙂 Just thankful I get a second chance.


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    One word: Inspiring


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    Thank you for the awesome post! I have had carcinoma in situ twice, also supposedly related to HPV, although I have never tested positive. I have also been trying to make some anti-inflammatory changes to my diet. I may get that book!

    One question, I find that fish oil gives me reflux. Did you ever have that experience?


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    I would be very careful with those protein drinks because peas are high in starch and starch converts to sugar. Same with brown rice.

    Chocolate is inflammatory and can also cause problems for many people…

    If your almond butter is not fresh, it will contain molds which feed the fungus inside you, so be very careful with almond butter and its freshness. The stuff that is packaged at the store has been sitting there for weeks…

    If you want an alternative to the cod liver oil you are taking, I would check out fermented cod liver oil which destroys biofilms and has some prebiotic properties. It also has natural ratios of vitamins A and D.

    Good story and keep it up.



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    Thank you for sharing this!!!
    You are truly an inspiration!
    Great job, keep it up and hang in there!!!
    : D


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    @1533jd Thank You 🙂

    @Kag – Oh man, I couldn’t stand fish oil. I would get a little reflux and have a nasty fishy taste for a couple hours. The Nordic Naturals is ultra refined pharmaceutical grade. I can take a teaspoon right out of the bottle and just get a clean (oily obviously), lemony taste. 0 reflux or aftertaste. You owe it to yourself to at least try a bottle (I think there are other brands, but I don’t know the names)edit: I posted a link below, but I get it at Whole Foods.

    To Kag and others. My ENT had recommended that book to me for a while (A medical doctor recommending a book that advocates a healthy body instead of taking medicine? really?) I’m pretty skeptical on nutrition books.. there are thousands right? I finally went and got the book and it’s really an oustanding book. He explains the inflammation process in easy to understand scientific way. I was already doing a lot of the things in the book, so it was nice to see what I was doing was correct. Get the book. It will help give you the mental power needed to make a change (hopefully permanent) and to get started in earnest with getting rid of your Candida

    @raster. As long as my fasting blood sugar test results continue to drop. I’m not going to be concerned with the protein powder. I don’t touch any starches like bread, rice, pasta, potato. Maybe just a small bit on a holiday dinner to be social, but that’s it. If chocolate is a problem, then change over to strawberry or vanilla flavors. I go through a jar of organic almond butter within a week. Expiration dates and general product rotation seems to indicate fresh supply. If it’s a worry to anyone, don’t take it. I’m not taking Cod Liver oil. It’s purified deep see fish oil from anchovies and sardines. Here is the link: I’ve done this every single day since June with some modifications along the way, like adding Coconut oil, adding the fish oil, reducing by half the Udos and adding in the Olive oil. I can only report the results I have seen. Triglycerides low, Cholesterol great, Blood Pressure..consistently 100/60 +- , blood sugar lowest it’s been (and we’ll see if it’s lower this next test, Candida seems to be gone.

    I know there are a lot of ways to accomplish the same thing. The key is to come up with a plan and stick to it for several months. Listen to your body but try not to overanalyze things. My experience is that it takes a long time to get things turned around.


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    Thanks Michael, I will try some next time I buy some supplements. I work part-time at a health food Co-op and we have lots of different kinds. I have tried it in a gel-cap form and the liquid, both times I got reflux… smh… Maybe now that I am taking probiotics, it will be different.

    I am going to look that book up on Amazon. I have done a lot of research on how to kill HPV and prevent cancer from coming back. When you have carcinoma in situ as a female, it can come back at any time… It is very scary. I am doing research into anti-inflammatories such as green tea extract and also some chinese medicine ideas. I got to acupuncture and my acupuncturist has helped me a lot! I have a great lipbalm and skin cream for the itchies 🙂 now that don’t have any steroids at all! Yay!

    Thanks again for the story, it made me feel better about what I have gone through, although obviously, you went through much more. I have been very lucky that I have only had to have two surgeries and no chemo… knock on wood… I try to be grateful every day, but you made me feel even more so. Thank you!!!


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    Also, just for the record… A lot of women and men have Hpv and don’t even know it. It is a mostly silent disease. Most people, especially men, do not know that they are carriers. You don’t have to be “unclean” to have it. 🙂

    And, like I said, although my doctor says that is what has caused my carcinoma, I always have tested negative. I truly believe that my cancer has been a result of an Std that I contracted from a man that I dated when I was very young, it has caused a lot of inflammation in the past. And guess what? The two surgeries have been in the places that suffered the most inflammation. It stands to reason that if a particular area of your body suffers from repetitive inflammation that the cells would eventually experience some kind of change. I mentioned this to my oncologist and he just said no way… He is a great doctor, but very old school.


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    Kag;39133 wrote: Also, just for the record… A lot of women and men have Hpv and don’t even know it. It is a mostly silent disease. Most people, especially men, do not know that they are carriers. You don’t have to be “unclean” to have it. 🙂

    And, like I said, although my doctor says that is what has caused my carcinoma, I always have tested negative. I truly believe that my cancer has been a result of an Std that I contracted from a man that I dated when I was very young, it has caused a lot of inflammation in the past. And guess what? The two surgeries have been in the places that suffered the most inflammation. It stands to reason that if a particular area of your body suffers from repetitive inflammation that the cells would eventually experience some kind of change. I mentioned this to my oncologist and he just said no way… He is a great doctor, but very old school.

    Kag, my “not so clean” comment was talking about a different type of std (gonorrhea) and yes, definitely, both men and women can be the unclean ones. As far as me contracting HPV, I’m pretty sure the person knew that she had it (and I’m sure she was gifted it from a previous boyfriend). This was back in 2001..she made an innocent little comment about something and a few months later I went to the doctor about something..can’t remember, but he checked my urethra and found a wart..I was pretty surprised. I’ll bet, had I had a healthy lifestyle (low stress, healthy diet, reduced drinking) through the following years that I wouldn’t have had any issue since my immune system probably would have taken care of things. BUT, I’m 100% serious in saying that this situation has been the best thing to happen to me…Just with I could get some more saliva function back, but even the lack of saliva has taken me down a better path of discovery. HPV related cancers are becoming a really big deal right now. It’s one of the top cancers my ENT has said that he has been seeing.

    My oncologist is the same way. I’m not sure it’s “old school”, but they have a very narrow, specialized vision on things. Ya, maybe it is old school 🙂 That’s another reason I’m “eating” the exact same thing every day. As an oncologist, he has been very supportive in ordering any tests that I want ordered. He also knows about my diet. In fact, I saw him this week and was telling him about my successes including the Candida (actually, that conversation spurred me to create an account and post here). From a nutrition perspective, he’s as clueless as most everyone else. He was telling me that he’s hearing from so many cancer patients that are feeling awesome after making lifestyle and diet changes that he’s starting to look into it lol. But scientifically, I’d have to think I’m a good data point since I’ve been so consistent with my diet. You know… my ENT has slowly been opening up to me and he admitted that cutting out sugar is one of the key things a person can do to prevent inflammation and cancers. I asked him if he was telling his patients that and he said no. I also told him that the “nutritionists” that are assigned to new cancer patients aren’t doing them any favors since the diet consists of calories loaded with sugar. I totally ignored my nutritionist.

    One other thing I’ve noticed.. I used to get canker sores all the time. Probably 1 every two months. I haven’t had one in a year. Even with the cutback in saliva production, my mouth feels clean where before it always had an acidic feeling all the time. My ears used to never be clean. There was always a nasty crustiness that would break out into almost a rash. Now.. my ears are totally clean with nice moist skin.

    I think the key is cutting out bread, pasta, sugars and getting more realistic with meat portions. I’m convinced of the benefits of juicing and the fish oil (and coconut oil!) as well.

    I didn’t share 3 other things I overcame (or in the process of overcoming). hehe.. unreal, but this past year (it’s been a year since I started treatment) has been pretty incredible.

    Good luck to you and others who are trying to overcome Candida and other health problems. I’m convinced that all it takes is a real change in diet, exercise, stress reduction. In your case, don’t overthink it. Actually, the book I mentioned may help to get you more focused.


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    Oh okay, I understand now… Yes, I have a lot of guilt about men in the past. I didn’t really fully understand the implications of Hpv until the carcinoma since I haven’t ever had warts. I just pray that nobody ever gets throat cancer because of my ignorance.


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    Michael did you get your oral thush because of the antibiotic or the cancer that was found i appreciate your respond.


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    I think it is really sad that so many of the doctors out there are basically ignoring a important link in the chain that can lead to cancer. I have read so much about inflammation now and of course, some doctors are starting to come around but I feel like it might be too late for a whole generation of us. I still have people tell me on a regular basis how bad for you coconut oil is.. smh… Oh, and another favorite, that if you don’t eat wheat and oats, you won’t get enough nutrients and fiber. Really?! If you eat a lot of vegetables, you get all of those and then some… The way that our system is set up is crazy. I am glad that your doctor at least listens to you.


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    Oh and hey Michael, I was thinking about starting to take green tea supplements as I have read a lot of good things about it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties. I was wondering if you ever considered drinking it on a regular basis to “bathe” your throat so-to-speak in antioxidants.

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