Can Stevia or sommething else on the diet cause oral thrush?

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    I have been on the diet for about 3 weeks now and have had ups and downs. For the first week it seemed like the white tongue was receding and not as bad, then after I introduced kefir I thought it seemed like it was worse just in the mornings but got better in the evening away from when I drank the kefir (goats milk). Now I cant tell if Stevia or kefir or something else is causing my tongue to become very white or if this is perhaps a natural course of the protocol as I think I have seen some people comment in random threads I cant find now that after being on the protocol for a bit the thrush can actually increase as die off increases….I also have no idea if I am having die off or not? There were a few times I felt flu like after coconut oil in the beginning before I was taking MolyB, but I dont think I have really felt much since then.

    I will clarify that I did not d either cleanse and simply started on most of the phase 1 foods, but not all, because I had already lost a lot of weight and was feeling very weak prior to starting but just wanted to get going rather than try and recoup to do it perfectly.


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    Not sure about the kefir, I avoid that and yogurt. I will say, when I had stevia last week, I had the worst reactions and actually had to miss work for the day. It was the only new thing I had introduced into my diet where I literally cringe when I think about using it or see ‘stevia’ in a recipe. Problem was too I had used only one packet for an entire recipe…


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    Hello Dave,

    Plan on the oral thrush sticking around for most of your treatment which should last 6-18 months. Probably at the 6-12 months mark it should reduce or go away. If you do oil pulling, this can reduce its numbers in the time being…


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