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    I have been on the diet for 3 whole weeks now and my energy is back. I am still eating only organic chicken eggs and non starch veggies. I just want to know if I can lift heavy again and run 3-4 days a week like I was doing before. Can I also do the sauna and pool and all that kind of stuff.
    I did a test workout a couple days ago and I had enough endurance to do it. But I don’t want to lengthen the time it takes for me to kill off all the candida
    Thank you!


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    Hello, Tim.

    Even though you were used to exercise before you went on the diet, starting with moderate levels of exercise would still be important to build your immune system. Rest in-between periods of exercise is also important as strenuous periods of exercise or really heavy training with insufficient recovery would lower the body’s ability to fight infection.

    The immune system is always affected by a Candida infestation, and rest and health-building food is how it’s rebuilt. As long as you start out slowly and get plenty of rest during the exercise period, I would say your body would benefit from that type of exercise.



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    All I would say is that don’t “overdo it” and moderation is the key. Your topic is about “working out hard”…and that means using as much energy as possible (my interpretation). If you overdo it, it could set you back some, but if you start out slow…it’d be best. I’m happy you are starting to feel better; for me I noticed I was really “gassed” for the first month or so. Don’t go on any 30 mile runs or anything!


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    Thanks Able and Raster. Good advice. Yea I don’t need to hurry on my work out. Mayb I will just start out with some slow walks and do a little lifting in a month or so

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