Can I eat and drink the milk of whole coconuts?

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    All the coconut creams in my country have some guar gum in them.

    If whole coconuts are perfectly OK to eat and drink (as I’ve heard they are), then I could make the cream myself.

    I want to make some bread. Coconut bread is the only choice I can find but the problem is that coconut cream has to be without guar gum.
    What do you think?



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    I have made coconut cream myself and it takes a long time and alot of effort. Too much work if you ask me!!

    *** first you got to get a brown coconut drill it and let out all the juice and then put it in the oven for about 20min on high heat.
    *** then put it in a tea towel and shash it up into medium sized chunks
    *** then pull all the shell from the meat and put the white flesh in a food processor
    *** then spread out the flakes on a baking tray and put in oven medium heat till toasty, i never got the time down pat i just keep cheaking the coconut till it wasn’t moist anymore.
    ***after that you mix 1 cup shreaded coconut to 2-3parts hot water and vitamix.
    *** then let let water cool enough so you dont burn yourself and put mix in cheese cloth straining out the big bits till your left with the coconut cream/milk. Put in fridge for a few hours or over night and the really creamy stuff will rise to the top.

    1medium avocado with one cup of water put in blender or/vitamix. creates a creamy mixture i use now instead of coconut cream, especially when i make coconut bread.

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