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    Hi, so it’s official, I have candida albicans in a “Potentially Pathogen” state. My test says 2+, which is at the low end of potential pathogen (vs. non-pathogen or pathogen). Here’s my problem – I believe I have leaky gut, and one symptom is that I break out from food sensitivies. And I seem to be allergic to green veggies! I don’t know what to do since most of the diet is green veggies! I can eat almond, millet, buckwheat, etc. without a problem. So mostly I’ve been eating buckwheat and fish in the morning, almond flour cookies (no sugar) for lunch, and meat/fish, avocadoes, some millet in the evening. And a few times I’ve had red kidney beans.

    I’m worried I won’t be able to cure the candida because almonds, millet, beans have some sugar. I’m taking Oil of Oregano, two pills/day and have upped my probiotic to 175 billion / day. Staying on this diet for a while would not be a problem, if i would eventually cure myself. But I’m worried I’ll never cure myself. Any advice? My test says I’m lacking in Lactobacillus species, and also that Citrobacter Freundii and Enterobacter cloacae are Potential Pathogens as well.

    Thank you!


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    One way to deal with sugar sensitivities is to take a vitamin product called glutamine. I would research as much as you can about this product, and it will help your body normalize itself to sugars.

    Grape (or other) bitters can help heal your leaky gut.

    If possible, save the millet, beans, almonds for phase 2. Eat more coconut bread and natural probiotics such as kefir or greek yogurt.

    I would also consider taking some SF722 undeceonic acid and maybe consider getting the advice of a registered naturopathic doctor. Remember, naturopaths come like the colors of the rainbow, so finding a good one could be difficult.

    If you are still in the die-off phase, I would consider getting a product called molybdenum and possibly sweating the toxins out via sauna, steam room, hot tub, or even a hot bath. Your skin is the bodies largest organ.

    Drink plenty of water also; 90-120oz per day.

    Probiotics are one of the most important ways to get healthier fighting candida, but it is not the only thing you can take to improve.



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    If I just discovered that I had Candida albicans and possibly other pathogens, and was allergic to green vegetables, my first step would be to start experimenting with a different green vegetables, one every day to find out which ones I could eat. I see that you can eat avocados, this is good and you should eat two a day as long as you’re not eating other vegetables, morning and night preferably. The biggest problem with not eating green vegetables is that the fiber in vegetables act as food for the beneficial bacteria, and according to your present diet, the only food you’re eating that will serve as food for them is the avocado.

    Second, I would add homemade kefir to my diet, with as high an amount as I could handle. Kefir not only destroys Candida albicans, but it can also destroy various pathogens in your intestines and add Lactobacillus bacteria as well.

    Read this post for more information:



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    H My test says I’m lacking in Lactobacillus species, and also that Citrobacter Freundii and Enterobacter cloacae are Potential Pathogens as well.
    Thank you!

    Hi MGL. 7 years later… what did you do to address Enterobacter and Citrobacte ?
    My bacteriology culture found these high levels of Citrobacter freundii complex and Enterobacter cloacae complex. Also lacking Lactobacillus spp. just like you

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