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    I mean by kissing or sexually???? i was very curious if this is possible.


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    Even though most people believe that Candida cannot be contracted through sexual intercourse, medical research and science says it can. I’ve also seen blogs and forums where one woman after another has sworn that that’s how they contracted either a yeast infection or Candida, in fact, there was a woman on this forum in the past who claimed that’s the way she contracted the infestation, and when you know the facts, it’s not that difficult to understand. The vagina normally has a more acid pH making the normal environment for the vagina acidic, but semen has an alkaline pH, so having unprotected sexual intercourse three or more times within a 24 hour period can produce an alkaline environment in the vagina, and providing other aspects are suitable, such as the normal American diet consisting of high carbohydrate foods and sugar, this makes an ideal environment for a Candida overgrowth or yeast infection.

    When a person with oral thrush or a fairly bad Candida albicans infestation kisses someone, you can’t “give” them a Candida infestation necessarily, even though, through kissing some of the fungi is understandably transferred to their mouth.
    However, all of us, even individuals without a Candida infestation, have a certain amount of Candida in their body, so if the level of yeast in the person’s mouth is higher than normal then it’s logical that the increase in fungi could possibly make all the difference that is needed to develop thrush. It’s logical to assume that the same can be true with oral sex.


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