can anyone recommend a good digestive enzyme?

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    hello, i’m new to this forum and i was hoping if someone can recommend a broad spectrum digestive enzyme.

    i was looking to buy this one but it contains potato maltodextrin, i’ve contacted biocare and they said that the amount of maltodextrin is very little “a few micrograms approx. 260 mcg in total”.

    is this a good digestive enzyme to buy?

    i would be grateful if some of the more experienced members can suggest a good digestive enzyme. Thanks


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    It would be good to find digestive enzymes that actually work.


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    Klaire Vital-Zymes Complete are in my opinion the best.


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    I’ve tried a lot, including some very expensive ones, and this is my favorite: Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes, 500mg. I find it works just as well as the expensive brands and I can buy it in bulk from Amazon. I take 2 capsules in the middle of every meal, so 6 daily.

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