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    so I haven’t quite started my candida cleanse yet ( I’m just making preparations, have too much of the wrong food in the house.) I’ve heard a lot of different things about getting a filter for my shower an to add to any faucets in my house I may use. I think I’m all set for drinking water, but I mean I live in a apartment complex so how the heck am I supposed to install filters on everything? is this really, really necessary??

    thank you!! any feedback/support is much appreciated!!!!


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    One thing that is very important is if you drink tap water, you want a filter that filters out the fluoride…

    What I would do is go to your local water filtration company and install these tube things (reverse osmosis) underneath your kitchen sink and this will filter out most of the junk. They can advise you on the correct products to get for your budget.

    I think a basic setup costs less than $100 and you have to replace some of the tubs every few months or so (these are like $20 each)….its very much way superior than a brita, etc.

    If you have any kind of skin/scalp problems you should get something else for the shower…



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    It’s requiring me to log in to view that link TJ


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    Thanks for the heads up. Here’s the blog post:

    After watching some reviews on YouTube and considering the recommendations given for Berkey water filters, I went ahead and ordered the Travel Berkey along with the Berkey Fluoride Water Filter- PF2.

    The Black Berkey filters that come with the system filter out 99% of arsenic, but the fluoride filter takes care of arsenic as well. Between the two, I should have virtually NO arsenic left in my water.

    I can see why the Berkey systems are so popular. The filters last 16 years if you use a gallon of water a day, 8 years if you use 2 gallons a day. Someone calculated that out to be 2 cents a gallon.

    All of the Berkey’s are freestanding, so they don’t have to be hooked up to a water supply, so they’re portable and easy to transport.

    The water tastes very good, and looks sparkling clear.

    It took me several days of watching videos and trouble-shooting how to prime the filters, but we finally got it. Our water pressure was low in the kitchen sink, so we ended up soaking them for a couple hours to better prime them. Even with that though, the flow rate was slow to none. We then tried the faucet in the laundry room, which has much better water pressure, and the filters quickly beaded up as they’re supposed to.

    The Black Berkey filters go in the top tank (where you dump the unfiltered water), and the fluoride filters go into the bottom. They screw into each other, so the bottom tank ends up filling with the filtered water, and you dispense from the spigot on the bottom tank.

    It takes a couple hours for most of the water to filter through, and there’s still an inch or so that remains in the top tank. I believe it said in the manual that it’ll take about 20 gallons to reach the maximum filtration rate, so we’ll see how things speed up with time and use.

    I’m relieved to have water that is virtually metal free (95%+), fluoride free, virus free, bacteria free, and largely chlorine free. I can now drink in peace 🙂

    Here’s a couple YouTube reviews that I found helpful:

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