Burning sensation and itchinness in groin, underarms and chest but no rash

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    My problems started last July receiving oral from a one night stand. A couple of days later I started to feel itchiness in groin and pain in my penis. I went to the dr. and got antibiotics and test ran and all were clean. The pain which now I know as prostatitis and itchiness continued I also had tingling sensation in my testicles. I went thru a couple of tubes of clortrimizal and nystatin. My skin was darkened and reddened but no visible rash. I was initially given a low dose 1 (150mg) pill fluconazole a week for 2 weeks, then 400mg Griseofulvin (not for candidas)for 4 week, later 2 weeks of 200mg a day of fluconazole. None of these helped. All test with Urology were good and biopsy from dermatology of groin area showed nothing.
    I started taking coconut oil and raw garlic and pills in October with low carb candida diet with no sugar but still drank coffee. Prostatitis cleared but still had itchiness in groin and testicles were red when hot. The tingling sensation in the groin lessened.
    I started to take herbal antifungals in January and got flu like symptoms when I recovered I experienced a hydrocele.
    Started again with antifungals in February Biofase, Profane, Floropage and started to experience neuropathy all over the body 3 weeks into it. (I think was die off)
    I had dr test for vitamin deficiencies in March all were good except vitamin D was slightly low.
    I went to Quest diagnostics on my own to have candida IGG, IGA, and IGM antibodies test done. 1.7,1.9, and 1.4. I took the results to the dr to try to get a longer and stronger course of antifungals but he dismissed the results and refused to give meds.
    I have currently been taking since late March.
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin B12
    Milk thistle
    Purely Holestic Candida cleanse
    Grapefruit seed extract along with continuing a low carb candida diet. I had some neuropathy but increased the milk thistle and has pretty much gone away.
    I still have slight pain in my groin are with occasional burning sensations and occasional itchiness in folds of groin, underarms and chest. The redness of testicles is less now when hot.
    Has anyone experienced the burning sensations?
    Am I on the right path of recovery?
    What can I do different?
    I go back to Urology next week and am going to ask for a longer run of antifungals.
    I am really frustrated and miserable.
    I am thinking about doing the Candida Immune Complex test just to verify I am dealing with Candida.



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    If you feel pain, i think you should recheck with your md.

    Caffiene would spike your blood sugar as read from this forum. My symptom gone worst when i took coffee.

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