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    Is this OK to use in Stage 1 of the diet? It has more carbs that the coconut flour.


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    Buckwheat flour is alright during stage one of the diet.
    Buckwheat is a seed of the plant family polygonaceae whereas grains such as wheat come from the poaceae or grass family. Grains, meaning grass seed should not be eaten during the Candida treatment.



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    One thing you can do is use it in the coconut bread; 1/2 of each flour. It’ll make a grainier more wholesome flavored bread. It is completely safe and is one of those wonder foods you can have while on the diet.


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    Raster, thats exactly what I did. I also used less olive oil and used water instead like someone else on here mentioned. It came out more like corn bread this time but it was pretty tasty.

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