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    Syrup makes me think ‘sugar’ but if it’s made from brown rice surely it must be ‘safe’? Hope so as I’ve found a snack bar if so! Made from coconut and brown rice syrup. What do you guys think who’ve been doing this diet far longer than me?!!

    Really hope this is a ‘safe’ food as I really want a portable snack for when out and about!


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    Hi Lily,

    I found them the last time I had it and was over the moon thinking yum I can eat these and the coconut will help my stomach etc etc however I called the clinic I was at at the time and they confirmed that any type of honey, syrup, agave nectar will have the same effect on your system as sugar because of its mollecular structure and how your body breaks it down. I am only passing this info on, maybe contact a homeopathic clinic that knows what candida is and ask them or a nutritionist as they will be aware of what the rice syrup is made up of and how your body digests it and the effect that will have on you.

    I hope that helps, good luck 🙂

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