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    I am gearing up to start the diet at the beginning of September. I am trying to prepare things to bring to work. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I have done this diet years ago and I remember only taking salad (no dressing) to work every day for almost a month. I starved. I know that I could bring chicken to work but am I going to go home and also eat chicken for dinner every night? (I know you can eat fish also but I’m just making a point). I don’t want to starve 🙁 I know that the diet mostly consists of vegetables and chicken/protein. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to bring for work? Has anyone just brought vegetables/salad for the entire day? I just don’t feel like it’s going to be filling. I plan on brown rice and chicken for dinner almost every night so I feel like I can’t eat that twice a day for a month or two?



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    I cook 3 meals for work. 1/3 cup of oatbran or buckwheat, 2 grilled chicken tenders and a huge pan of cooked veggies. I eat 1 chicken tender per meal and split the veggies into 2 meals. You might have to get used to eating your food warm or room temp. You can bring salad and olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper in a separate container for dressing. It’s not hard at all.


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    It’s good you started thinking about this now. It requires advanced planning every day. I bring my lunch to work every day….and dinner when I have to work late. That means having everything on hand for preparation that morning or the night before. I bake a fish filet (salmon, mahi, trout etc.) and cook a large amount of two different vegetables. Salads are a good option too. (Unfortunately, I’ve had to back off them after a week’s worth created a ridiculously uncomfortable amount of bloating.) I also make an omelette for a mid-morning snack, plus I bring one or two hard boiled eggs for an afternoon snack. Drinking plenty of water helps to fill me up so that I don’t feel hungry. Also, if I feel I need a little something at the office, I make a cup of nettle tea. The first couple of weeks were an adjustment, but now it’s just part of my routine. Hope this helps. Good luck in September!


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    For work i’ve been surviving mostly on omelettes and they are good because they travel well. Plus lots of coconut bread but you wont be able to have that straight away.


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    Try out my bread recipe:

    Bring a loaf to work, bring a salad, and soak the almonds in water and roast in oven to remove molds. This is a 3 course meal; consider adding in some celery or another side like the pumpkin pie muffin bread, etc.

    You could even use my bread as sandwich bread and get some meat from the deli, etc.



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    Jo*Jo wrote: For work i’ve been surviving mostly on omelettes and they are good because they travel well. Plus lots of coconut bread but you wont be able to have that straight away.

    Thanks Jo-Jo. I never thought of bringing an omlette and heating it up after. I assume with no eggs, and just veggies. Do you cook it in oil? If not it would stick to the pan?


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    What about soups and broths, they’re easy to make in advance and warm up later.

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