Breastfeeding and Candida Treatments; what's safe for Baby?

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    I was just diagnosed with Candida and after reading the info here, realized I’ve had this for years. Finally I can put a name to the chronic fatigue, aches, and brain fog! However, my treatment is complicated by the fact my child is 4 months old and I am breastfeeding. What diet aspects, anti-fungal medications and dosages, and other therapies can I do safely? I am already on probiotics and Phellostatin from my doc while other labwork is pending. I have also already experienced a severe (to me) Candida Die-off (literally falling asleep on the phone, with the moderate nausea, chills, and achy joints), better now.
    Happily, my child’s oral thrush is already improving from taking the breast-milk and Phellostatin when the Nystatin didn’t work (I was just re-infecting him).
    He also has gastric reflux disease, which means certain foods like onions, broccoli and gassy type foods make him more gassy and spit up more. Suggestions for diet given this aspect would be great! I have already cut out carbs and increased my protein and veggies which has triggered more spit-up and gas just this last week.
    He does get supplemental formula with probiotic as my milk production is down.
    Thank you for your help.

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