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    I’m on month two of the candida diet, following a free from gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, fruit and caffeine. I felt positive changes month one, but month two I feel like I’m going backwards despite being very strict.

    One of my challenges is with breakfast, I just don’t have the time in the morning to cook anything fancy, I need to eat and go! So I cook cinnamon porridge made with Brown rice milk, I really enjoy a big bowl of it (the milk contains sunflower oil), but something in my breakfast is just not agreeing with my stomach side effects are; some mild stomach acid, flatulence, IBs type symptoms.

    I changed my milk to Oat milk – no improvements. I was hoping to find some seeds or nuts I can tolerate for protein purposes as my nutritionist is very keen for me to have some protein. This morning I tried sunflower seeds and had a bad stomach as a consequence (which has been the same pattern with every seed/nut I’ve tried; chia seeds, almonds etc etc). I’ve been allergy tested for food sensitivities and oats came back fine!?

    Does this mean I need to change my milk too as it contains sunflower oil? Why do I seem to have a problem with Oats…I thought they were permitted?

    Can you recommend any other speedy breakfasts that work for you – I’d really appreciate some help?


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    Dinner leftovers? I eat lentils soup, I don’t know if that would agree with you.


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    I would cut out all fake milks, they are too sweet.


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    Homemade milks are fairly quick and easy to make. Fifteen minutes, a cheesecloth and a blender are all it takes.

    For my breakfasts, I usually hardboil some eggs or make a crustless quiche in advance, or just eat whatever leftovers.

    When I want a sweeter breakfast, I make a bulletproof-type coffee with coconut oil, stevia and an herbal coffee substitute. You can also sneak herbs like cayenne or turmeric in.


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    Sunflower seeds and brown rice milk are not allowed on the diet.

    My breakfast: pumpkin pie muffin bread or teff bread, cream of buckwheat (sweetened with stevia), and goats milk yogurt (allowed on diet because it is not cows milk) with blueberries).



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    oups, I am drinking brown rice milk.

    Is gluten free oat milk acceptable ?
    thank you.

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