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    Hey all, I have been doing the diet for about two months now I guess. Cant really say I have a ton of improvement other than the gas and bloating has gone down, which I attribute to the use of bitters. At any rate, one of the primary components of the diet includes coconut milk and I am wondering what brand is acceptable? I use unsweetened from So-Delicious (I think thats the name) but some people were saying a while back about the form of vitamin D which is added to it is unhelpful. I tend to agree however it is the only unsweetened coconut milk I can find in my area but I suppose I could order online if there is a generally recommended brand which is “safe” for us lol.


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    I use the canned kind, not the cartons, since they have fewer ingredients. I usually buy either Thai Kitchen organic or Aroy-D organic, or whatever I can find that doesn’t have extras in it.

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