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    Hi all,
    I am brand new to this site, which is sad since I did the anti candida gut buster kit about 10 years ago and it really helped. Like most, I slowly stopped and have gotten worse. Today for some reason I thought gee when I was……
    I have at this time severe sciatica, so much so that dr put me off work, gave me lyrica, tylenol 3 and allready take arthrotec for my knees and nexium cos of the arthrotec. I am a med hater so when he put me on another. Anyway having bad side effects from lyrica so going to him this afternoon to say I am going off it. He is not an alternative and just looks at me when I say things like gluten or yeast having an effect on things. So will hopefully be off work ( wish it was forever cos I do nursing and seems when I get a good thing going for while, ie slow exercise all of May, now sore and can’t walk)for a while and will get this under my belt. Did start gluten free as sisster in law had great results from leg pain.
    Who knows what will happen when I go see him.
    Glad I found the site and know I will get support and ideas. thanks


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