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    Any available on Amazon?


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    titan;29601 wrote: Any available on Amazon?

    Hello, Titan.

    If I may, can I ask why at this point in your treatment you wish to add another antifungal, specifically red thyme oil?
    Yes, Amazon sells it, and I doubt that there’s a difference in brands as long as you purchase the pure oil.



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    No problem Able. Perhaps I am mistaken on the protocol. I’ve rotated the following antifungals every 2 weeks – oil of oregano, then grapefruit seed extract, then oil of oregano, and now I’m on caprlyic acid. I thought the red thyme oil was next on the list of rotating antifungals according to the forum protocol…

    I still take coconut oil, SF7222, garlic (peeled in store at whole foods), Brussel sprouts, and jalapeños as daily antifungals.

    I’m also thinking of getting the garlic pills with allicin for daily use.

    On a side note, I’m really focusing on creating a constant mental picture of a “healed and happy version” of my future self. Once I instill this reality in my mind, I feel confident I can heal completely in no time.


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    I do not believe the protocol states to rotate antifungals every 2 weeks. You can take them longer than this, for many months in a row if you wanted to. Candida can adapt to caprylic acid after 6-8 weeks per DR. MCoombs but it shouldn’t adapt very quickly to the other ones. 2-3 at a time is all you need to get better.

    I take garlic, SF722, and black walnut extract as the my only ones currently and use coconut oil for baking.

    Hope this helps clarify what you should do; I generally wouldn’t worry about it and would finish up what you already have first before starting another one.


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