Brain fog. My life is over. Some help?

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    Hello. I was in a candida diet for about 3 months but then I cheated for 3 months and now I´m felling so tired. But worst than that is having brain fog. My brain fog is so bad I can´t understand anythng. I can´t memorize anything. Even basic talks seems so much to think and memorize. I use centrum for extra vitamins but I still with almost no brain activity. I can´t understand. I seem stupid. What can I do? I´m so sad. Right know I started to eat: 3 eggs per day, 1 avocado, 2 mozzarellas per day, pankakes made with coconut four and stevia, tomatoes and vegetables. But my brain fog is worsening. Is my diet healthy? This feeds candida? Why My brain for doesn´t clear after 1 week in this diet? Someone can help me?


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    You are being too harsh on yourself. You can not cure candida with a diet. You have to focus on detox.
    Drop the eggs. Include some lean meat (preferably organic), include lots of fruits (also melons, berries, red beets), drink lots of thees, take detox supplements like silymarin and vitamin C. You may take other detox advices aswel. Do this until you feel better. Then you can try to ‘starve it’, although I don’t recommend that.
    Please read this post and familiarize yourself with methylation.

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