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    Hello everyone,

    After nearly 2 years of battling extreme brain fog / fuzziness and feeling tired and totally lackluster I sought treatment from a homeopathic doctor (had been for a MRI and explored most other traditional avenues to no avail for a cause of this constant fog and feeling “yuk” most of the time) Anyway had a stool sample taken and it came back showing “Yeast Spores and Candida Albicans” as being present. It also showed a non existent level of good e-coli.

    Following this result, the Dr has put me on a fairly strict version of the candida diet (he said I didnt need to be too extreme with eating, just avoiding all glutens, dairy, as much sugar as possible etc) At the moment Im eating a diet made up of 99% fresh vegetables, fruits and meat, and small portions of white rice every few days — but still having coffee with a teaspoon of sugar in the mornings.

    He has me on the following supplements:
    – Liviton Complex ( Liver detox) 1 x 2 per day
    – Digestive Enzymes 1 x 3 times per day
    – Betadine Hydrochloride with Pepsin 1 x 3 per day

    – Olive Leaf Extract x 1 per day
    – Citricidal Plus Grapefruit Extract x 1 per day
    – Wild Oregano Oil x 1 per day

    – Solgar Advanced MultiBillion Dophilus Probiotic x 1 per day
    – Saccharomycin DF x 1 per day

    However nearly 3 weeks in and my brain fog has gotten 100x worse. I feeling weak and have dirreah most mornings.

    Is this normal?

    From what I have read on this site it seems to be start the diet first – then probiotics – then antifungals etc? He gave me everything to start all at once and wasn’t too fussed on me being on a very strict Candida diet.

    Should I seek a second opinion – or is it common for Drs / Homoeopaths to prescribe all the pills at once with a “partial” version of the candida diet?

    Also Ive read a bit about Molybdenum Chelate – but I cant find it in South Africa, so I got some Molybdeum Liquid (by Mineral Life — contains Molybdenum and CHD Fulvic Acid) — is that the same thing? It was not prescribed by my Doctor but with the extreme brain fog I thought Id give it a try?

    Any advise please on: Brain fog treatment? How long the die-off symptoms last? If Candida issues can manifest really only as brain fog and feeling tired all the time (or maybe I should look at another cause)? And if the usual route for diagnosis is a stool sample test like I had?

    Thank you!!


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    Turmeric with black pepper


    king tut
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    I would try to limit fruit as they are sugars and swap out the white rice with brown rice. White rice is really bad for blood sugar swings, which makes things worse. I also would go easy on the probiotics, maybe alternate days on and off if you are having bad die off. Molybdenum is good for die off and make sure you support your liver and take some vitamin c to help the adrenals.


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    Get rid of all forms of sugar that’s feeding it. Until you fix the sugar food source expesialy the teaspoon of sugar in your coffee it’s just prolonged your issue. Stevia (organic) is a plant based sweetener I’m using. It’s very much like sugar taste wise. Good luck it’s a journey!

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