Brain Fog

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    I have to admit that I have never truly understood what Brain Fog is. As far as my own symptoms in this area they are/habe been ringing in my ears like tinnitus combined with a “head sensation” in the lower part and back of my head and of course I have on occasions gone to another part of the house to do something and when I got there forget what I was going to do. Is this brain fog?


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    I’d liken it to waking up after a bad night’s sleep. You can’t think sharply and there’s a slight physical sensation in your head/brain too.


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    For me it is like having had a glass of red wine.
    I am a kind of drunk. I am clear and can perform my task but I feel all the time
    I am in a fog cloud.



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    I would relate it to having a drink as well. It’s like I’m not a quick as I normally am. I am unable to concentrate on the tasks I’m working on. Mind wonders more often and have to REALLY focus on stuff. Also have terrible memory. I would read something and go to copy it down and could only remember a few words at a time. Even in conversation, someone would say something and then 2 minutes I would forget they said it until they reminded me. It’s kind of embarrassing, honestly.

    The most frustrating thing in the world!



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    Personally, when I was suffering from the brain fog die-off symptom, I felt like I had lost a dozen IQ points. It takes longer to remember/learn things, my ability to recall information I’ve learned is worse, doing cognitively-intense activities is much harder, concentration is easily lost… basically, the mental activities that you used to take for granted are suddenly out of reach. You feel like an idiot for not being able to think properly, and even a little disoriented. It’s like losing the edge on your mental blade. I agree with the above descriptions of being drunk or being groggy, except you feel fine for the most part, until you have to actually think about something and find yourself stumbling.

    I think the reason why they call it brain “fog” is that it’s similar to walking through a new area of town in a fog rather than on a clear day. There’s also a sense of thoughts slipping through your fingers.

    While the other die-off symptoms (dizziness, headaches, a general flu-like feeling of “blah”) made me feel physically bad, brain fog hurt the most, because I’m a student in a foreign country. My grades were slipping and I was suddenly having difficulty communicating with my Japanese friends. I was getting really discouraged because it seemed like despite all my studying my Japanese was actually getting worse. But the past few weeks the die-off symptoms have greatly subsided, and I feel like I’m finally progressing again.

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