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    So I’ve had recurring vaginal yeast infections and BV for quite some time now. Originally, the yeast was so bad I would go months on end with a yeast infection that nothing would get rid of. Currently, the yeast situation is much more under control. Now I have much more of a bacterial problem than yeast. It’s always something, isn’t it?

    In any event, I have been using H202 douches to help with my BV. While the h202 is nice for the BV, it immediately leads to yeasty discharge and an itch for me. So I purchased a bottle of Now brand S boulardii. I emptied 4 capsules of the bouldardii into the douche and immediately the itch and discharge was gone. Nothing else works like that for me. Every time I do the h202 douche, I get the itch, immediately do the boulardii and I’m fixed on the yeast side (sadly not the bacterial side). I just wanted to share this because seriously NOTHING worked for me before with the yeast.

    I just wanted to share this for other women who are struggling with yeast infections. Try a boulardii douche—I don’t think it’s something that is commonly advertised as a treatment but it works.

    And if anyone has good recommendations to help me with my chronic bacterial infection, I’m all ears, because I feel like I’ve tried it all!

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