Boric acid pessary helps…. until you have sex?

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    My original doctor put me on this diet and prescribed 200mg of diazole (an antifungal) per day for 6 months. after 3 months of no improvement, I went for a second opinion somewhere else.

    New doctor says diet is bogus and just has anecdotal success; with no scientific documented success (she’s right on that last part, there are no true peer reviewed journal articles about this diet). And she prescribed 14 days of boric acid pessaries. After the 14 days I was so happy! All clear in terms of thrush.

    However, after sexual intercourse, it returned with a vengeance the next day. 🙁 I’m back to where I started. It’d be good to note, that I didn’t break the diet even though she told me I could. The worst I’ve done is had a couple of decaf coffees.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? I am on Implanon NXT. Whenever I suggest to a doctor to take it out, they all tell me that the implanon should be helping my candida issues and not hindering it.


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