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    Do any of the Moderators on this site have an opinion of “the Body Ecology Book” I ask because I stubled upon it by accident when I was at the library and began reading it?

    I throw out her idea of allowing grain foods such as quinoa, millet, amaranth & buckwheat as think they are too risky to feed the yeast.

    The Author does offer some ideas that at least I haven’t seen mentioned on this forum. One being Young Coconut Greens and Coconut Water Kefir. I have certainly seen the focus here on how coconut can help us. However, she details some strong benefits of Coconut water kefir.

    She claims it has beneficial cleansing effects on the entire endocrine system(adrenals, Thyroid & Pituitary & ovaries in woman. It increases energy, improves skin, vision and joint pains.

    I have not been able to find Young Coconut greens anywhere near me locally. It seems she recommends to make the coconut water kefir from the young coconut greens.

    So my other question is can we make Coconut Kefir from traditional coconuts and would it have the same benefits as young coconut greens?

    If any of the experts have an opinion on the book overall, it would be appreciated.



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    I’m not an expert by any means, but I have been following the Body Ecology Diet for about nine weeks {as well as most of the protocol I’ve found here in the forum regarding foods, antifungals and probiotics}.

    BED has worked well for in conjunction with the protocol from the forum. I especially love the young green Thai coconut kefir and cheese. I’ve made it every week I’ve been on the diet. I did make the first two batches from the mature coconuts, and it’s very different from the young green coconuts in taste. I believe since it was cultured, though, that it was still beneficial as I experienced die off symptoms from adding those cultures to my daily routine before I added any antifungals aside from coconut oil.

    My skin has improved drastically while on the diet — I don’t know if I can attribute that solely to the coconut kefir, but I’m sure it helps. And also, she’s right about it curbing the sugar cravings pretty well.

    What I like about BED specifically:
    *Eating until 80 percent full so as to give room for digestion
    *The 80/20 rule for veggies to protein/seed-like grain. I like this because it really helped to heal my poor irritated gut and gives my digestive tract a break from so much heavy digestion with animal protein and such. Although, when I’m going through a cycle of cleansing I definitely eat more of a 50/50 ratio because I desperately need the protein energy.
    *Coconut Kefir and cheese
    *The principle of uniqueness

    Does this help at all?

    Also, the protocol here allows for the seed-like grains and some flours like coconut, teft and almond as test foods to reintroduce slowly as the weeks progress.

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