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    Boar head has chicken breast lunch meat that is gluten free, sugar free, preservative free, all natural. But it is some what expensive, but worth it. I put is on a lettuce wrap for lunch sometimes. You have to really look into which one you need, because there are some gluten free, all natural, preservative but have sugar in it. Also you don’t want to get one that has seasonings on it. The place I get my lunch meat has a brochure that explains exactly what each one has in it. There was one that I found we could have. I leave the website link here, but I was unable to find this particular lunch meat on there. Though there is a lot of good information on the website and maybe with enough time someone could find something that works well on the diet from the website. Just wanted to post this so someone who has a deli near their house that has a lot of Boar head lunch meat might be able to find some lunch meat that is good.


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    Yes. Here in FL we have Publix which sells Boars Head. All of their meats are gluten free 🙂

    Some are also sugar free. YUMMY!!


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    I wondered if Bore was ok, as it is basically what a pig would have been had we need farmed them? Are they ok, or do they carry the same threat as pork?


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    I remember reading a article about how even in the gluten-free ones they put preservatives. I am going to try to find the source and post back.

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