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    My mothers birthday is coming up next week. Usually I would make her a birthday cake but since we are both trying the candida diet I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas or receipts they could share on what I could make her for her birthday? She suggested Angel Food cake but I’m not sure thats the best substitute either. Thank you for any advice 🙂


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    You could try something with coconut flour, oat bran etc. I think there are a few recipes on here. You could look around low-carb forums for other ideas. This guy has a phobia of carbs and sugar, but I saw this crazy recipe the other day (note: probably not suitable…).


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    I like to open my cookbook, choose a recipe, and substute in acceptable ingredients.

    EXAMPLE: all-purpose flour (use coconut flour, or maybe millet flour), sugar (use zylitol or stevia), vegetable oil (use olive oil or coconut oil, or another cold-pressed type of oil listed in the approved foods), shortening (use organic butter, ghee, or coconut oil if it doesn’t need to be a solid fat), carrots (use zuchini), etc.

    I haven’t found a good substitute for fruit, however. 🙁

    Good luck! And post if you find a really yummy one!


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    Just buy some coconut ice cream from the store. The SO brand makes a vanilla flavored pint with xylitol as a sweetener. It takes exactly -exactly- like regular vanilla ice cream. This is even making me want to go buy some right now. I used to looovveee ice cream.


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    I tried that coconut ice cream before I started the diet and I had bad problems from the sugar alcohol. It’s good though if you can handle it.

    I use stevia and coconut flour to make stuff, doesn’t taste all that great, but it will do!

    I modify stuff from this blog sometimes:


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    I just made some tasty muffins out of coconut flour, buckwheat flour, eggs, butter, cinnamon and baking soda.

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