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    Hello,I’m thinking about my birthday and I usually have pumpkin pie that I make myself,but since it’s a starch I know I cannot have it for a long time(perhaps next year).Are there any alternatives anyone has? How about rhubarb? I know I can’t have fruit and berries either.Pumpkin pie has always been my favorite.I’m not really a fan of flours,plus I can’t have any of them,flours do not digest well with me and I just don’t like them haha.
    Thanks for any ideas.My birthday treat might just be my favorite cup of licorice tea brewed for a long to make it sweet.Sigh.


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    You could make a mousse/ice-cream cake. Do this:

    Melt creamed coconut, and rhubarb separately until it’s completely loose. Add vanilla bean powder to the hot, melted rhubarb. Let cool.

    Whip egg whites.

    Blend the cooled creamed coconut, rhubarb and egg whites togheter with gelatin. Sometimes I add some lemon, it gives it a nice fresh lift.

    Put it in a round form so you’ll get the cake shape.

    Decorate with a rather thick layer of cinnamon and/or cocount flakes (you can do this after it’s been in the freezer for a while)

    I don’t like sweetners and I don’t think it needs to be sweetened since the creamed coconut is naturally sweet, but it’s up to you.

    Freeze, pick it out when it’s entirely frozen, wait until it’s loose again.

    My measurements:

    2 packs of creamed coconut
    5 egg whites
    6 more or less rhubarb stalks
    Much vanilla bean powder
    Much cinnamon
    Some lemon
    2 leaves of gelatin

    Hope you’ll have a great birthday! 🙂


    Topics: 22
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    Thanks for the ideas,my birthday isn’t till October but what can I say,I like to plan ahead haha.I’m thinking I may make something with rhubarb in not too long,just to try it out,maybe a pudding or something.I am not a coconut fan though…so not sure what to use for the gelatinous base.Maybe avocado? Hmm…lots of cinnamon no doubt.

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