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    So I am beyond confused and I need a bit of help sorting things out. No one I know believes in candidiasis so I have a hard time knowing where candida ends and my mental illness begins or if they are just two problems that are unrelated and what the heck do I do?.

    Right now I have chronic vaginal discomfort and tingly skin and skin blemishes all affecting intimacy. I also may have brain fog but I’m not sure because I also have a history of pot usage and drinking and am in a bipolar depression so I’m not sure if I have brain damage thats permanent which is why I struggle with memory and concentration.

    So here is my conundrum. I’m wondering if nutritional healing can help to balance my hormones/gut fora/neurotransmitters, to where I could truly achieve wellness mentally as a result of healing physically? Or would a cleanse treat my skin and sex issues but not my mental issues enough. Am I putting too much faith in candida cleanse and just need meds to even my emotions. But then doesn’t that mean I will have to live with symptoms because drugs toxify the body? or will i have to suffer bipolar regardless but at least i could have relief from physical candida symptoms. The thing is I am more than depressed. I have lost control of my mind and I can’t enjoy life at all.

    I am not even really sure how to expect to feel, symptom free of candida because I discovered cleanses right when I went through my first manic episode. It started with a master cleanse and then candida and parasite cleanses along with quitting birth control and SSRIs. The other factor complicating it all is that I didn’t quit pot since it was my only vice and I couldn’t cope.

    Well I thought I knew what true wellness felt like because of the extreme energy and concentration ability I experienced after cleansing, but after having a second bout of mania followed by severe depression, I realized in hindsight that the “wellness” that I felt met the symptoms of mania to a “T”. The uncharacteristic confidence had turned into extreme anger rages and foolish behavior. At the same time I felt relief of symptoms such as constipation, skin blemishes, aging skin, tingly skin, libido problems, and allergies. Those came and went along with various diet slip ups so I chalked everything to candida. During mania I was so convinced I was feeling what humans are supposed to feel like that I thought I had the damn fountain of youth to spread to the world and tried. But then I went into a hellish depression. I thought I just couldn’t cope with losing my whole identity which included drinking beer and eating carbs. The confidence was gone and I didnt know myself without my vices. So everyone thought I was delusional about candida. And then I sabotaged my diet and developed chronic vaginal pain on top of the crippling depression. I got pregnant in the mean time and then breastfed. I tried to start over with a cleanse but I went manic again. I was sleep deprived hormonal and depleted. The mania was horrific this time. I began wondering if any self improvement missions were psychologically associated with mania or did somehow the changes in my body chemistry from the cleanses cause the mania. Like the chicken or the egg dilemma. Well I got pregnant again amidst this all and suffered depression.

    So i guess my question is this…what should i expect to feel once im symptom free and does anyone think the bipolar is related to the candida? I want to be well mentally but if i take pharma drugs then wont that negate candida cleanse? Also I cant afford to have another baby so I should probably take the pill. But Isnt the pill part of the cause of candida though? I want to believe I can achieve total wellness but am i putting too much into the candida cleanses as the solution? I can not live in the moment or cope with emotions so whats the use in cleanse i i feel awful anyway? Im afraid that cleanses may even cause the illness to worsen and I have kids so I have to be stable. This is how my thoughts go and I don’t know who to ask… Help!


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    The cleanse doesn’t even come close to killing all of the yeast so I wouldn’t put too much emphasis in cleansing. Its all about long term results. I tell most forum members to plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida. The cleanse only lasts a short period of time. Changing your habits is most important in the long term.

    I also think you are associating too many of your symptoms with candida and its more than this. You have other imbalances in the body such as nutritional ones as an example. Candida damages multiple organs, not just the brain, so in my opinion, the best approach is a holistic approach. A good naturopath can help you heal holistically properly.

    There a many organs that are associated with mental health. There is a very strong gut-mind connection; if your gut feels bad, you feel bad and your head feels bad. For instance, there is a very strong relationship between headaches and inflammation of the gut. If you reduce the inflammation, you’ll reduce the headaches typically.

    There is also a very strong relationship between the liver and the brain as well. If the liver is ailing at all, then you can get all sorts of mental conditions, etc. The liver and toxicity of the body are strongly related. If you are taking medication, this typically can impact how well your liver detoxifies the body according to multiple studies.

    Check out this post I have about the liver:

    If you suffer hormonal imbalances, smoking pot in my opinion may impact this negatively. It causes your body to release a lot of chemicals, adrenaline, dopamine, etc. It can drain the body. If you can cut back or take a break from it, you should notice that your body will recharge some from my experience.

    Acupuncture may be something that could bring great benefit to you. You can go in feeling like crap and come out feeling like a million bucks. A lot of imbalances can be relieved just by doing acupuncture alone.

    Hope this helps.



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    Thanks so much. This makes a lot of sense. If I see a naturopath or acupuncturist I will have a clear plan and they can treat whatever organs need to be addressed so I’m not constantly guessing. I have seen many different practitioners during the the past few years off and on but i havent stuck to one long enough and money is an issue. I guess I’m just worried that whatever effects I can get from alternative medicine won’t be strong enough based on how bad i am and ill have to wait six to eighteen months to see what those results might be. Plus I’m nursing so I cant take antifungals yet. So i guess ill have to wait a while to start anyway.. I feel like its an all or nothing approach with candida. Even though its probably not. I just remember taking one bite of sugar and symptoms would come back an instantly and last for a month whilst I went on an even stricter diet. But if I go the pharmaceutical route I may never find relief either. I tend to believe there is hope in the holistic approach.. I just don’t know what feeling good really feels like anymore and i hope its not to late psychologically. Thanks so much for your input!

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