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    I am a big fan of eating coconut oil and have got to the point where I take 5+ spoonfuls a day and rising. I buy the Tiana Organic Coconut oil, but have realised the potential cost of eating so much on a daily basis, which is pretty astronomical!

    It costs £14.99 for 500ml of the coconut oil I buy from my local health food shop, and have found prices as low as only £12 for it, so inevitably I am going to have to buy an alternative as it would cost in the region of £30-60 a month! i would rather spend only £20-30 on a similar perhaps less known brand if possible which tastes the same if not better.

    Can anyone recommend some good affordable alternatives?

    I would be willing to buy up to 1-2litres as I’m aware the more you buy the cheaper it will be.

    I would rather buy it from the UK.



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    Hey i’m passing on a link I got from a fellow brit when i started out, i bought the 690 ml x 6 jars as i didn’t like the idea of a giant plastic tub. I’ve had no problems very cheap for organic, smells and feels like quality and gives you a good quality die-off. lol.

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