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    Hi everyone:

    There are a whole bunch of products and recommendations and I’ve been searching for weeks trying to find the best biofilm buster. I am currently taking Candida Cleanse 2 pills once in the morning. I may up it to an extra 2 at night. I also read about NAC and biodefense supplements like Kirkman’s BioDefense and Klaire Labs Interfase Plus. I am a little skeptical of Interfase Plus because it contains EDTA which I think pulls out important nutrients and minerals from the body. The bottle says not to take more than a month I think.

    Maybe a month is all that is needed to break biofilms and then biofilm busters are not needed anymore? Not sure.

    I am taking vitamin C, sf722, echinacea and Tumeric and have Oregano Oil and Grapefruit seed extract on order. I just don’t want the EDTA to lessen the vitamin C or echinacea, etc.

    Thanks much.


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    I have taken a kirkman biofilm and worked good for me. But now I take digest gold, I take 2 on empty stomach and I wait for 20-30 mins then I take Antifungals I get die off and that tells me is working.

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