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    Nicola Hart
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    I have just been reading some of the information I have printed and there is so much conflicting information. Can anyone recommend a book to use which is idiot proof to help me through this?



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    “The Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates


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    Oh. What happened? That book was the first thing I had read about any candida diet. It’s extremely hard to stick with, I’ve been struggling.


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    If it is for some good candida advice I’d suggest Ann Boroch book (She cured her MS which was caused by Candida).

    If it is to gain an appreciation for the early understanding and treatment of this condition I suggest googling Dr. Truss and Dr. Crook (there books/treatments may be a wee bit outdated but still serve a useful purpose).


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    I also bought the body ecology diet. Very interesting method and one which is in some way similar to eastern ways.


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    Body Ecology doesn’t talk about antifungals at all, it only focuses on diet, but the diet is not right for candida. Any proper candida diet shouldn’t have you eating potatoes, amaranth, etc. Also, a lot of the “facts” are untrue, such as the one about red potatoes having less sugar (look up the nutrition data, I think they actually have more than regular potatoes).

    There are a couple of good points in there, like trying to eat 80% veggies, eating fermented foods and so forth, but a lot of it is made-up facts with no sources and a plot to sell her overpriced Body Ecology products.

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