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    I am wondering if it’s advisable to do a round of bentonite clay w/fiber after being on the diet for a while. Due to logistical necessity I had to stray from my diet a bit more than I should have. In addition, I’ve discovered that almond flour doesn’t agree with me. The results are bloating with unpleasant gas from what I sense is poor digestion. I feel the need to cleanse out my gut and get rid of what’s lingering in there. When I did the initial cleanse, the bentonite worked quite quickly so I don’t suspect I would need to take it for more than a couple days.

    Is this something I could do while on the diet? I plan to continue eating veggies, so I’m not looking to do a full blown cleanse as in stage 0.



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    You don’t need to do the cleanse more than once in my opinion and doesn’t even come close to killing out all of the candida or clearing out the bowels.


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