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    Hey, so I’m totally new to this whole thing and I’m deeply saddened by it. Mainly because I’m a vegetarian (9 years strong), and the idea of going back to what I’ve viewed as morally wrong (eating meat) is a difficult one to confront. However, for my health, I have chosen to take this diet extremely seriously and will do what I can to ensure I have no future issues.

    That leads me to my questions. I started doing the diet in a very half-assed way and, needless to say, the warnings that I should have read before hand (about the dying yeast releasing a toxic gas that causes fuzziness, depression and does a number on my liver) were quite on point. So, I went ahead and ordered those vitamins that are necessary to help combat those effects (as well as multivitamins that are safe for a candida diet).

    Since I won’t be able to begin this diet until I receive those items, I’d appreciate any advice I can get about what I should be eating/doing before I begin for real, this time. I’ve been drinking lots of kombucha and eating plenty of plain greek yogurt (nothing to complain about :)), but I know there has to be more. EDIT: I’ve been taking lots of niacin, iron, vitamin C and B12, as well.

    And once I begin this diet, should I stick with eating meat after the duration of the 5 month period? Can I ever go back to being a vegetarian? I understand the pitfall of going back is falling back onto old habits, but is the risk more than just that?

    I’m coping with dropping my diet for another, but do I have an extremely strict eating regimen to look forward to for the rest of my days? I suppose I’m used to restrictions due to my vegetarian diet, but I’ve never had to keep track of what I’ve been eating (how much/when/etc). I know that I probably should have been doing that, but excuses excuses.

    Thank you for any help I can get and, above all else, I’m glad a resource like this exists. The scare of getting oral thrush was enough to convince me to take this as seriously as possible.

    Thanks again.


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    Hey Novus, I am not a vegetarian but I know that there are people on this site who are. Hopefully one of them will chime in with advice. I relied heavily on eggs for my protein because I am not a big meat eater. I think if you go with eggs and lots of veggies, you would be okay. You are getting calories from the yogurt as well.

    You should probably message Able for the diet. I don’t think meat is allowed in the first part of the diet. I managed to keep my weight up with almond butter but it isn’t part of the strict diet. I would reach out to Able as to who on here is a vegetarian as well. I don’t think it is impossible to do the diet as a vegetarian.


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    Thank you for your reply. I assume Able is a seasoned veteran of the diet and user of this board? I read that being a vegetarian on this diet is next to impossible due to the fact that many proteins in a vegetarian diet are verbotten under the Candida diet. However, I always seem to find something new about this diet that, thankfully, is happening before I dive into this thing.

    So no meat for the first part of the diet? I’m glad that the yogurt and kombucha was a good call. Not just because I love that stuff, but because I did notice a drastic change on my tongue after consuming that stuff for a few weeks every day (less white spots).

    Again, thank you for the help!


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    The first stage of the diet is very strict. It is designed to kill the yeast overgrowth rapidly and also filter out food allergies if you have them. You will lose weight on it if you keep to it, whether or not you are a vegetarian. I think that you could get by with eggs though. Also, I can’t remember, is spirulina allowed with veg. diet? There are also things on the second stage of the diet like coconut bread that is very filling and tasty.

    You should message Able for the strict diet protocol if you are interested. He is very knowledgeable and helped me a lot.

    Like I said, just about the only thing I didn’t follow on the diet was the almond butter. I have a very physical job at time and just needed the energy. However, nuts are said to be “fungusy” 🙂 and therefore not good for yeast overgrowth.


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    May I chime in here and say that I am very interested in this too as I really don’t like eating meat either,but like you say, NovusOrdo, it’s about restoring health.
    I am also getting ready to do the cleanse.
    I’s like to know………are there ANY nuts that are allowed on the diet?


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    NovusOrdo;40100 wrote: And once I begin this diet, should I stick with eating meat after the duration of the 5 month period? Can I ever go back to being a vegetarian?

    Lordshelpr;40112 wrote: I’s like to know..are there ANY nuts that are allowed on the diet?

    As far as protein sources on the stricter diet are concerned; organic eggs and organic hemp seeds or hemp seed powder should be
    your first choices. Your second choice should be organic chicken as well as young fish which are sustainable, and certified by MSC
    (Marine Stewardship Council). But no one is going to tell you that you have to eat either one of these.

    Red meat shouldn’t be a concern for you on the diet; because of the ammonia production, beef and pork are both detrimental to a Candida treatment and should not be eaten at all.

    The forum members, Alexalgebra and Shayfo, are vegetarian/vegan who are treating Candida. Just key their names in the search area
    and you should be able to find some of their posts.

    If either of you would like to have the link to the forum diet, just let me know via private message on the forum.


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