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    This is one of my new favorites because it tastes similar to a traditional dessert and you can control the sugar content using fresh fruit, even after it’s made. This makes enough for two pies.


    • 2 banana’s
    • 8oz heavy whipping cream
    • 1tsb kefir grains


    • 1/2 cup coconut flour
    • 2tsb cocoa powder
    • 1tsp ground ceylon cinnamon
    • 2tsb butter or coconut oil
    • 2 eggs
    • enough water or milk to make it a thick spread

    Cream – wrap kefir grains in some cheese cloth and place them into a bowl with the heavy whipping cream for 8-16 hours depending on the sugar content you want. Once you are happy, take out the grains and place the bowl in the freezer for 10-15 minutes then whip and continue freezing and whipping until peaked. I suck at this part so it often takes me 4-5 tries, but it eventually ends up like a heavy whipped cream.

    In between some of these freezes you can work on the crust. I find it easier to melt the butter then add milk or water so the butter mixes well with the flour and mixing everything into a heavy paste. Then oil two pie pans and spread on the coconut flour, bake for about 12-14 minutes at 375.

    Next mix banana’s into a paste, you can use kefir or milk to make it easier to mix. Once finished add the banana paste to the whipped heavy cream mixing well, freeze one more time while the pie crusts cool and whip once more before pouring into pie tins, cover and freeze for 8+ hours, if you can hold out that long.

    Once the cream is made you may want to test the final product before freezing. If it’s to sweet you can let the kefir continue consuming some of the sugars by holding off on freezing for a few hours. And a word of warning is the crusts seem to stick no matter what, but you can cut along the edges and they pop out and hold up pretty nicely. Oh and you can easily turn it into something like a key lime pie, etc.


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    So I often look for ways to top my last adventure so I literally topped the pies with chocolate this last time.


    After the pies have chilled for an hour or two slice them up and heat 3-4tsb of cocoa butter “coconut oil, butter or ghee” for 20-30seconds in the microwave then stir in 2tsb of cocoa powder, add 6 drops of stevia. Chill for a few minutes until thicker and slowly pour on top of the pies and chill again. A dash of salt, vanilla extract and instant coffee will spice up the chocolate if you have them.


    I should also mention this are considered my cheat items, but because they are full of prebiotics/probiotics I can often cheat with less side effects, but I still try to limit their consumption.


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    tried it once. very good

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