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    These are a great snack! I am definitely having trouble findings decent foods I can snack on with the diet, and these do the trick.

    – 1-2 turnips, peeled (you can use as many as you want really)
    – ~ 2 tbsp olive oil – just use enough lightly coat turnips
    – spices of your choice to taste (recommend black pepper, salt, cayenne and cumin – but the options here are endless)

    – preheat oven to approx 350 F
    – peel turnips
    – using a mandoline, slice the turnips thinly (the thinner, the more crunchy they get, but also can burn easily) – important all are cut to uniform thickness
    – place sliced turnips into mixing bowl, and pour oil over – mixing gently to ensure all turnip slices are coated lightly
    – mix in spice blend of your choice
    – place on cookie sheet with no overlapping and place in preheated oven
    – after about 10 mins (keep a close eye on it) – flip over chips when edges start to brown
    – after another 10 mins or so (again – watch closely, can crisp quickly, then burn)


    link to pic (mine are browned a bit – I like them this way!):


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    Thanks cjtboy!
    I just bought some fresh Alaskan turnips that are sooo sweet. I like just eating them raw but some “chips” sound delicious!


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    Sounds fabulous–I made zucchini chips recently and was surprised at how delicious they are! Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

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