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    hey guys, last few nights i have been waking up with really bad muscle cramps in both calf muscles. i have randomly had this for a while but it has become a little more consistant lately. anyone else have this?


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    I’ve had that. It seems the candid enjoys magnesium for a snack. When I added more magnesium to stop my cramps, they got worse (should be the opposite) So now I just get it in small amounts with food and the cramps have gone away. Are you taking Magnesium supplements? If you are stop, if you aren’t start and see what happens.


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    Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Sometimes my muscles cramp if I am dehydrated and haven’t had enough water.


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    Hi emz333,

    I too have this problem from time to time. I have tried several supplements thinking that I might not be taking or eating enough of something. I have heard it said that most individuals are low or depleated of Magneaium. When I wake up with calf/toe cramps I take 2 calcium, 2 potassium and 1 magnesium supplement. Within 10 minutes or so I am able to fall back to sleep.
    It’s usually very warm in South Florida. I find that when we have a cold snap – I am more prone to these cramp. Hope this helps.


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    Yes, you are probably either dehydrated or deficient in some minerals and electrolytes as some of the others suggested. You could try taking epsom salt baths and see if that helps. Its a good way to build up magnesium levels in your body pretty quickly.

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