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    Hello everyone. I am new to this group. I joined because I think my son has intestinal candida. This is a very touchy subject for him.. As a baby he was on a constant diet of antibiotics due to ear infections. As a teenager a nonstop diet of antibiotics for pretty severe acne. I believe it set him up for candida. He has just unbelievable bad breath often. It is very noticable. I don’t have to tell you the social and employment implications. I am desperately trying to help him. Does anyone here experience bad breath? His teeth and gums are fine. This is coming from his gut. Any help and or advise would be so greatly appreciated. I have just found a naturopath for him and I will be trying to get him to call for an appointment. I know he is reluctant to talk about it. I am a big believer in natural remedies. He has a kefir smoothie many mornings and I add pau d arc to it. I haven’t read anything about iodine. Do any of you use iodine? Thanks so much!

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