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    Greeting all…I am new to the forum.

    I believe I have Candida (white tongue and a bunch of other symptoms) and probably have had it for some time (multiple rounds of antibiotics). When I take the “remedies” I get awful pain between my shoulder blades in addition to fatigue, brain fog, general malaise, and crying jags. I seem to be making some progress (diet and remedies) but it seems that it will take some time to beat this infection. Looking for some advice.

    I have been on a detox diet for a little over a month. No cheats.


    Coconut oil
    Probiotic 25 billion
    Spilantheis Usnea


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    I would stop with the detox diet and transition to the regular stage 1 anti-candida diet, this is too long to go on a detox.

    I am unsure how shoulder pain is related to candida; a few possibilities include that you have achy joints from mineral deficiencies. This is very common. A second reason is that your back could be out of alignment and you might need to go to a chiropractor.

    If you have achy joints, you need minerals and bunch of them! I personally take calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, and selenium.



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    Hi…I have been detoxing for about 6 months with NAC, ALA, Spirulina and Bentonite and I also have a sharp pain between my shoulder blades. Just started some stretches and muscle building excersizes. I have about 10 amalgams , but I heard that after about 5 years, the amagalm stops smoking mercury. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!


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    Thanks for the advice…


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    There are several causes of pain between the shoulder blades. With a Candida overgrowth, the cause is most likely liver congestion. I would take Swedish digestive bitters three times a day after meals; this will cause a flushing action to take place in the liver. Read the following post for instructions and more information.
    Swedish Digestive Bitters: Digestion and Liver Flush


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