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    Hi All,
    I did this program a few years ago but I found out the hard way that I was not in a good place to do it due to PTSD and an eating disorder. I hope that mentioning this will help someone else if they have any issues like this. I couldn’t ever really stick to the plan because I would crack like an addict looking for sugary snacks to hide from the trauma. I think it’s hard enough for people to stay away from treats but when you’re stuck in a difficult place and don’t have any security or support, it now makes perfect sense to me why I could never do the diet.
    So I am back again to hopefully do this. I’m scared to be honest. I still have trouble staying away from my home made chocolate. Can I really live a life with literally no treats. Is this not an incredibly isolating way to live. I’m sure I’m not the only one asking myself these questions.
    It’s hard. I’ve done this before many years ago and again a few years ago. I don’t think you ever get rid of candida – you can only ever control it.
    I am now a Naturopathy student so along with everything I have learned after 2 years of study I hope I shall be able to do this and help others too.
    Suzie x

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