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    Hi All,

    I’ve recently come to the realisation that Yeast may be my problem. I’ve suffered from increasingly frequent bouts of vaginal thrush for a number of years which has progressively got worse since having 2 children (like every 2 weeks,3 weeks,a month, 2 months, kinda frequency). I’m 30 years old and unfortunately have been precribed antibiotics fairly frequently by my GP who probably thought she was helping me to get over my respiratory infections quicker so I can look after my two BUSY little boys. I’ve been on the pill on and off since I was about 15 to help with heavy periods and acne + I was also on antibiotics for a long time (approx 2 yrs minimum) for more treatment of my acne. I’ve also had a number of asthma puffers throughout my life. + all the sugary foods in my diet.

    I think I need to turn things around seriously:
    I’m really hooking into my new probiotic – Candex by inner health plus
    Taking a Yeast Care Tablet by Swisse &
    Taking a Multivitamin

    My GP just put me on a new pill but I think I’ll need to give that up at the end of the month.

    Now with the diet, I’m just starting out working out which products are good and which are not.


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    I’m no expert but, the probiotic choice might not be the best. Sure it contains 40 billion Pro-B’s per dose but, 32 billion are a single stain ->

    32 Billion Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM) Organisms
    4 Billion Lactobacillus rhamnosus (GG) Organisms (LGG®)
    4 Billion Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Boulardii) Organisms

    Bifidobacterium is one you will want to have on your next purchase.


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    Do you need the pills for contraception? The excess o/estrogen can cause a lot of problems, and oral contraceptives are linked with yeast overgrowth. As far as I understand, oestrogen has some kind of stimulatory effect, since yeasts naturally produce oestrogen too (it’s why most alcoholic drinks are oestrogenic).

    Did you ever explore other reasons behind the menstrual problems and acne? I can’t claim to understand female hormones very well, but the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone is supposed to be around 1:10. It seems hard to maintain given oestrogenic cosmetics, pollutants, foods, drugs etc, as well as poor gut or liver function that prevent it from being expelled. I’ve heard of women getting their period back after months without it after using natural progesterone (the synthetic progestins are carcinogenic), so maybe it can help regulate things. Have you ever had your levels tested? Vitamin A intake seems to have some relationship with acne, but gut problems and other issues can contribute too.


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    Thanks. I have run out of the candex so I’m just using the shared bottle of reg 25 billion inner health pls my hubby uses.

    I never looked into the reasons for my period and acne. It doesn’t seemto bethatmuch of an issue anymore. The pill is more for contraception nowadays but I’m considering just monitoring my cycle on a femilia website. Pregancy is not entirely unwelcome.

    I did actually mean to post initially about where you canbuy this stuff from in Australia. The flours, oils etc. Are there specific brands or products that are good? So far I’ve only found Pure 100% brown rice flakes for crumbing, thickening casseroles etc. and some Quinoa Flour. All the rest of the breads, and specialty products say ‘buckwheat’ or ‘millet’ or ‘brown rice’ or ‘quinoa’ but have corn maize or reg rice as well.

    Have found just cutting out obvious sugars and bread makes a huge difference. Have not gone down detox road just yet as I feel alright. If I need to, will. We are planning to try for a baby around Dec so I am just following the combination of foods to eat and foods to re-introduce route so far and just seeing how I go.

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