At a critical juncture in treatment – focus on candida, leaky gut, or dysbiosis…?

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    Hi, I’ve been on a strict anti-candida diet for over two years now. Over most of that time I was steadily recovering from major Candida and lime disease symptoms. This past July, I found myself feeling better overall, but with incredibly extreme food in tolerances. Basically I couldn’t eat anything with fiber, and still can’t.

    I’ve been on a strict gaps diet since then. For the past five weeks, under the guidance of a nutritionist, I literally have only eaten meat cooked in broth. I’ve tried vegetables twice; each time it felt like I had swallowed live Pranhas. Although I am currently waiting to get the results of my G.I. effects test, I’ve had it confirmed from many professionals that I suffer from Candida, leaky gut and dysbiosis.

    The problem is, everything I try to do backfires. Glutamine, slippery Elm, it seems like all the things that should be healing the gut give me horrible inflammation. Not die off – inflammation. And only eating meat is literally starting to drive me crazy. Past crazy.

    I’m wondering if perhaps I was wrong, when I felt like I had brought my yeast down to manageable levels, and focus on the leaky gut. I’m wondering if I should shift directions back towards Candida, and try to hit it with some new antifungals. One potential clue I’ve had is that every time I introduce probiotics, I’m greeted with a day or two of wonderful relief, followed by insane die off and intestinal inflammation. Is it possible, that after two years and steady antifungal use, that I really haven’t even dented it?

    As you can probably tell, I’m at a pretty desperate stage, so was just wondering if anyone might have some opinions. I know for a fact that the key to healing my illness lies in the leaky gut and dysbiosis, But everything I try to do to help it just makes it worse.

    Thanks for your time!


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    Have you tried eating an anti-inflammatory diet and taking anti-inflammatory supplements? Fermented cod liver is one of them that will greatly reduce the inflammation of the gut. Fermented foods also destroy biofilms and the yeast. This might be a route you will want to check out.

    Are you eating beef and pork? This can make the inflammation bad by taking 1-2 days to digest.

    If you are no longer taking antifungals, I would consider going back to SF722 if you haven’t tried it yet.

    Have you tried digestive enzymes?

    Have you tried a biofilm protocol?

    Are you doing the strict forum diet previously or the website diet?

    Can you afford to consult a naturopathic doctor?


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