Are you sure it's candida.. It wasn't for me!

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    Hi all,
    I have been having several symptoms of candida for 6months. After no joy from the DR I was at my whits end I didn’t want to carry on with all the pain and discomfort.
    I paid for an intolerence test and it came back clear so I presumed it was Candida!

    I got a candida and parasite test done from BTS (Biological testing services) where they send you the stuff and you do it at home and send it back.. Easy peasy! The test results were extremely detailed and although my test results came back negativethe lady who wrote to me gave me a complete run down of next steps and details of what my symptoms could be etc. Not only that she is at hand to email any enquiries and professional advice. I would fully reccomend getting a test done if you haven’t had one because I was convinced I had candida and spend over £300 on suppliments etc.

    In the end it turned out I have low sIgA (Immune system) and a milk allergy not intolerence.

    Here is the link to the BTS website let me know if anyone uses it and what results they get 🙂 hope you feel well soon.

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